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Apologies if this has been posted before. I tried to use the search, but its currently broken.

I just discovered this the other day. Started listening to it. I like it. For those that haven't here is the link.

Anyway, I started a new playthrough (again) to go along while I listen to them talk about the game. I find I am more focused on the game while listening to people talk about it, than I am with he actual game sound. I think its odd. But whatever.

Anyone have any other links to podcasts about * Souls games. Or lore/story discussions. I eat it up. I never get bored of it.

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I'll probably check these out later. There's quite a few videos on youtube that go into lore but no podcasts that I've seen. You should check out THIS DUDE'S channel he makes some pretty cool lore videos.

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Sweet, I'll have a listen.

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I've listened to this whole series. It's not just limited to Dark Souls either as they go in depth with Demons' Souls after. They also talk about the Manga Bezerk which inspired the souls series aparently. Such a great podcast.

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