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This will be kind of an odd/fairly meaningless thread, but this is something I really love about both Souls games. I love the boss's names in these games. The games hold an air of mystery (especially Dark Souls), and the bosses are a big part of this. I've also always loved metal music (death, black, doom, and most other subgenres), and the names seem to fit in with that typical style of music. And especially compared to other games I've played, the boss names are just cool. I think it's important, because it sets the mood, or it keeps the mood of the level leading up to the boss. Some of the boss names are a little generic (Taurus Demon, Centipede Demon, Tower Knight), but even those sound ominous. Take Bed of Chaos. Before I went into the battle, I had no idea what the hell this boss could have looked like. A bed? Certainly not? Chaos? Well, yeah, kinda. They could have called it "Tree Demon", but how lame. Another awesome (and somewhat hilariously suggestive) name: Ceaseless Discharge. Again, before the battle, I didn't know what to expect, but I was scared. It's a scary (sorta) sounding name. I mean, it's ceaseless, for crying out loud! And what does it discharge exactly? Pain and misery? Lava? From Demon's Souls, I love Flamelurker. It fits that bastard perfectly. I also love Dragon God. Another one I enjoy is The Storm King. I like it because, you would expect it to maybe be a humanoid with lightning or wind powers. Nope, it's basically a HUGE flying manta ray that shoots massive spikes at you. One of the coolest names I think is the Dirty Colossus. Just sounds cool to me. What other game(s) would use these kind of boss names? I've always been fascinated with names (names of songs, bands, albums, enemies, bosses), and I think this game kills it with them. What does everyone else think? Favorites? Ones you don't like? Do you even care what the names are? Finally, my least favorite is probably Stray Demon. Kinda boring, really. Favorite is Ornstein & Smough (hopefully spelled correctly)

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Yeah I see what you mean, we all place a great significance on names wether we realise it or not (or at least most ppl I think) I read somewhere once that women (often subconsiously) place a lot of importance on men's names and already begin to form an opinion about them based on that. Michaels for example are agreed to be a pretty name while George not so much... (sorry Georges, hey George Clooney, right?)

Anyway... I agree with you, while with a few of the names they just couldnt be bothered or perhaps didnt want ppl to think they were trying to be too weird, but some are pretty great.... tho who calls a giant wolf Sif? o_O I like it ^_^

Then again would all the names be completely different in the original Japanese release? Perhaps the translators were the ones getting creative, but I like it anyway. I rly liked Quelaag. Ornstein & Smough sounds like a law firm! just thought of that, hahahaha. Especially since Ornstein probably is a jewish surname or at least quite similar to some. Still pretty fun and unique, I need to keep playing lol im only about half way through :P already started a new playthrough :S (naughty!!)

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I agree, the bosses have great names but It's not so much the bosses that are interesting but how they fit into the story. It's one thing to say Sif is cool but it's another to say The Great Wolf Sif, the protector of the Tomb of Sir Artorias of The Abyss, is cool.

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Even "YOU DEFEATED" sounds like it would be the name of some caveman themed doom band.

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The Great Wolf Sif, Mecha Boar, my favorite though is Seath the Scaleless

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Snuggly the Crow (Secret boss that appears in NG+10)

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@Bassario said:

Ornstein & Smough sounds like a law firm

"Hey Biggy! Get your fat judicial ass out here! It's time to litigate on the case of one Chosen Undead versus the city-state of Anor Londo!"

"After careful deliberation, the court finds the defendant 'a bitch' and, under special advisement from the Dark Sun, advises 'throwing the book at your punk ass'."

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The Gaping Dragon. <o>

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One's a loud, messy, executioner. One's a neurotic obsessive-compulsive dragon slayer. They're the original odd couple! This fall on ABC, tune in at 9PM Thursdays for...Ornstein & Smough!

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@Terramagi said:

@Bassario said:

Ornstein & Smough sounds like a law firm

"Hey Biggy! Get your fat judicial ass out here! It's time to litigate on the case of one Chosen Undead versus the city-state of Anor Londo!"

"After careful deliberation, the court finds the defendant 'a bitch' and, under special advisement from the Dark Sun, advises 'throwing the book at your punk ass'."

Hahahaha... yes.

Brilliant, by... say NG+4 or something, you should walk in there and it becomes a Pheonix Wright style court battle to prove your innocence, and if u are Darkwraith you pretty much get locked up and executed

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I always thought the same about the names of the game's levels. Lost Izalith, Anor Londo, New Londo Ruins, Painted World of Ariamis, Firelink Shrine, Kiln of the First Flame ... I love the sound of these words. It almost sounds like poetry.

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I agree about the levels also. Almost like poetry is a great way to put it. You could maybe imagine a long, epic-style poem created out of the areas and bosses of the game

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Don't make me feel bad for giving all the bosses bad nicknames!

Seriously though, the lore and naming scheme in this game really is a large part of the appeal. I really adds to the victory in a boss battle if you defeat Seath the Scaleless, or Gravelord Nito. They just feel like unique entities, not just some no name boss.

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Agree again. I'm glad to see people feel the same way about it as I do. They are details that are small, and wouldn't take away from the actual gameplay or fun, but it's that extra care that the game designers put in. These are all important creatures to the mythology of the game(s).

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DragonSlayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough are just my all-time favorite boss names. The fact that Smough executes his victims with a giant hammer instead of an axe or something.. *shivers* o_o

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Bed of Chaos makes sense when you understand that the boss is actually the Witch of Izalith. She tried to create her own flame but could only produce Chaos, which in the game is pretty much represented by lava. So the Bed of Chaos it is the place where all lava comes from.

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