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Haven't been on here in a while, but I've recently had far too much downtime and picked Dark Souls up again. I also haven't had internet access, so I've just been taking the time to build a new character for PvP whenever I get internet back. What I have is a lvl 100, and I'm looking for what to put the other 20/25 points in to finish it off. Here's what I have:

Str: 40

End: 40

Vit: 40

Int: 10

Fth: 13

Dex: 18

No points in resistance obviously. The weapons I tend to use most are a +5 Lightning Claymore, although I do have another claymore that's fresh and ready for upgrades along a different path if you suggest one. I also use the manserpent blade, and the BKGA of course.

Now, do you guys think I should put the points into INT or FTH? Should I invest them more into STR? Honestly, I'm at a block at what options I have here.

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If you tend to rely purely on the Lightning Claymore then there is no reason to invest more in Faith, Intelligence or Strength. Just pump the rest to Vitality. However, if you want a richer gameplay then invest in Faith to around 30 and Int to 20 This would allow you to make use of the Divine weapons branch and many useful Miracle/Sorccery.

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Where is there pvp at SL100? I can't think of any area besides the Kiln of the First Flame, but even that place is deserted for me. Oh well.. I say you should stick to either Strength or Vitality. If the Man-Serpent Blade doesn't have scaling, then I suggest Vitality. If it does however, pool more into strength or whatever scales along with it. I think the BKGA scales with strength, so there's another option.

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All stats post 40 has vastly diminishing returns, so I'd actively advise against putting more points in str, end, and vit. If you want to be a bit more well rounded, I'd advise points in attunement for potential pyromancy. Alternatively, points in int and attunement to get you access to the weapon buff spells could also work. (or you can dumb points into faith for the same reason).

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@Pieman51: I'd guess most pvp has moved on to the Battle of Stoicism arena.

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@Turambar said:

@Pieman51: I'd guess most pvp has moved on to the Battle of Stoicism arena.

That's unfortunate really. People gave up on being able to get souls from killing people, and instead decided they would do a somewhat boring and repetitive arena pvp (of which there is only ONE arena to choose from =_=).

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yeah even 15 int with an oolacile catalyst will cast great magic weapon for you for a reliable buff to a +15 weapon , that leaves you a few more points for attunement mabye , my current build uses both power within and great magic weapon and its pretty great damage for minimum stat investment , you coudl even go for crystal magic weapon mabye , but i dunno , fill the rest with resistance ?

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I didn't even know about the arena yet. Never looked it up since my internet's been out. xD. Well, one of the bracket's in there is 51-100 and I'm at 100, so maybe it's would just be beneficial to stay at 100 if I plan on PVP'ing in the arena. From what it sounds like, that's where all the pvp's gone anyways.

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Vit is your dump stat if you have nowhere else to put points. Some PVP'ers even run around with 70 Vit which greatly increases survivability. Paired with high Poise and defenses, a good player is practically unkillable. Personally I don't have a lot of experience with Str builds, I usually go Dex with a CMW/PW combo.

If you ask me, the points you spent in Int and Fth are wasted... especially Fth. If you're going for SL125, you don't have enough points left over to get them to a useful height. An argument could be made for getting Int to 25 to be able to use CMW. But the points in Fth, in my mind, are wasted.

I don't know about the new arena thing, haven't checked it out yet. But I have no problem invading people in Anor Londo, Sen's Fortress, Kiln, etc, at SL125. Also still getting invaded regularly on all my leveling characters.

EDIT: Also, may I ask, what was your starting class?

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Honestly, I've forgotten what my starting class was, though I think it was Bandit (the one that starts with the Spider Shield). I had originally put points into faith because I was going to build a str/fth character but that quickly fell by the wayside. The 2 points I put into int was just so I could buy the sorceries and get an achievement. Lol. But yeah, I feel the same as you. I guess I could buff my Int to around 15/20, put some into attunement and do GMW but then again I could just put them into Vitality. Hrrrrm.

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Going to 50 vit doesn't hurt. Otherwise I'd suggest you start pumping points into faith now. WotG is a really good "get off me" move for strength builds to balance out how slow they are, and if you want an easy time in PVP, you should probably look into getting either (or both) the sunlight blade and darkmoon blade miracles.

Also the arena is pretty fucking garbage now that the majority of people who use it are hackers because leaderboards. For SL 100+, the usual PVP hotspots of Anor Londo, Painted World, and Kiln are still really good. For the DLC, Oolacile Township is really popular. Then there's always the fight clubs in Undead Burg and Sen's Fortress that you could jump into.

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