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I've started playing Dark Souls recently. I am trying out the several of the characters. I wish to make a character who carries a 2 handed weapon but is also nimble/ fast on dodging/footing. Which attributes are better for me? Is there any build guide/ calculator I can use to plan my progression?

Thank you for your time.

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I'd recommend putting a lot into strength, vit, and endurance, getting havel's ring, and getting a zweihander. Also get the Mask of the Father. Because your speed is determined by your equip load, if you have a high equip load (which is what havel's ring and the mask of the father is for) you can run around really quickly. My first char I did this with, and in my second playthrough I have the heaviest armor, shield, and the zweihander, and I run around at 25% equip load.

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@GrayCodex: Here is the character planner.

I used a two handed character build myself so I can give some advice, although I wasn't a nimble character most of the time. The Dark Wood Grain Ring will cause your character to act as if it is under 25% equip load when you use less than 50% of your equip load. Two handing a katana seems like a popular option (normal, fire and lightning varieties) and you can get one early on by killing the male undead merchant but I went with the Black Knight Halberd instead. The halberd's power scales with strength and the katanas tend to scale with dexterity. You shouldn't raise any stat over 40 since the benefits are almost zero after that. You are likely going to use things that raise your stamina recharge rate or your equip load. These include the Cloranthy Ring, Mask of Father, Ring of Favour and Protection, Havel's Ring and Grass Crest Shield. Even if you have the shield on your back it'll regen your stamina. If you are making a PvP character don't increase your resistance. Sunlight Blade and Darkmoon Blade are really powerful buffs that don't work with all weapons. They don't work with weapons that do elemental damage, Dragon weapons, or some Black Knight weapons (but does work with the BK Halberd). You are going to want the Rusted Iron Ring in sections.

Very early on in the game I was two handing a battle axe and was able to one hit the skeletons in undead burg. I switched to two handed Halberd then two handed Gargoyle's Halberd and finally settled on the Black Knight Halberd.

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Thanks, those are helpful hints. I was looking for a character planner, and the item list will come in handy.

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Pretty much any character can be nimble as long as you are wearing sufficiently light armor. If you want a two-handed character the specializes in dex, then look for weapons with a large damage modifier from dexterity, like Murakumo.

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I would recommend going with a dex/endurance build. So put points into dex and endurance and two hand weapons like the katana, iatio, or washing pole. And you could get all three and make one them a lightning weapon, one a fire weapon, and one you can use to buff (like gold pine resin, charocal resin). You could also put a few points into intelligence and instead of using gold pine resin you could use a magic buff like great magic weapon or crystal magic weapon.

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"Titanite catch pole" you need it in your life, it's a brilliant weapon, i use it on my thief build. Only thing is it's a random drop by a titanite demon which makes it very rare.

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I'll give you a hint that I use, that not a lot of people do. 
Just don't wear armor if you want the speed. It sounds counter intuitive, but armor really slows you down. I dont mean "Get below 50% so you can roll". I mean get it below 25 or 10, I forget the cutoff point. Just use a weapon and an offhand and learn to love dodging

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Do everything but use Dark Wood Grain, that's for Havel Pussies. Fight like a man.

@Twiggy199 said:

"Titanite catch pole" you need it in your life, it's a brilliant weapon, i use it on my thief build. Only thing is it's a random drop by a titanite demon which makes it very rare.

That... is not a good weapon. The stat scaling is extremelly bad.

I recomment just choosing a weapon of your liking (moveset and good stat scaling) and then use very light armor. That's it.

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