Button Lag in Dark Souls?

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So I've been noticing this problem for a while now. I'm playing the 360 version and noticed that occasionally when I press the light or heavy attack buttons nothing happens. It isn't that it didn't register though because sometimes a second later, sometimes a few seconds later my character will do the attack. It hasn't been a huge problem, but it can be really annoying when someone runs at you and you attempt to hit them first only to have your character do nothing, or worse that you randomly attack at the wrong moment and end up being hit instead. Anyone else having this problem?

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It tends to happen while you are online in a populated area. I've heard playing offline helps, but I'm not 100% sure.

Also, I've had it happen at some critical moments. A flaw in the game sure, but not critical to my enjoyment of the game.

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No, I certainly am still enjoying it. Just frustrating.

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@BrockNRolla: Haven't seen that unless my framerate was dipping heavily. Are you sure your stamina isn't depleted during this? I'm on PS3 for what's it worth.

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You're lying, that doesn't happen in this game and never will.

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Yeah, it definitely isn't a stamina issue and often happens when I'm only fighting a single enemy.

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I'm playing on PS3 and I've had it happen to me. Was pretty annoying when I was fighting the gargoyles, strafing around and I hit the circle button to roll, and my character decided not to and instead be swatted off the building to his death. It's not very common, but when it shows up it's easily the most infuriating thing about the game, for me.

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I'm playing on the PS3 and it has happened to me as well.  It's not often, but when it does, it's annoying.

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The button lag happened to me as well, but I assumed it was due to a dying controller battery. It hurt me most against a couple of the black knight fights since I was trying to go for backstabs and my guy didn't want to attack, even though I was pressing the button. I found that the attack animation would go the moment I pressed the block button, thus really screwing me.

#10 Posted by Tesla (1939 posts) -

I've had it happen to me a handful of times. It sucks and results in lots of colorful language.

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I've been playing on the PS3 and I've had it happen multiple times. I was trying to drink a flask and I get smoked while waiting for my input to kick in.

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@BrockNRolla: I'm not sure this is what's happening to you but I thought I'd share. 
I had this "thing" where I felt the need to release my block to attack, this would cause the attack to queue for some reason until you hit your block again. It was VERY consistent and when I stopped raising or lowering my blocks while attacking the input lag disappeared.
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Yeah, it is bad when it gets you killed. There are quite a few bugs with the game but that's how it goes I guess. A funny thing happened in Sen's Fortress when I was helping other people. At the boulder part where you chase after it, there was a 2nd boulder like 2 seconds behind it which sent me flying through the wall. Then they continued coming down in pairs. Weird stuff.

#14 Posted by TotalEklypse (1000 posts) -

@Y said:

Yeah, it is bad when it gets you killed. There are quite a few bugs with the game but that's how it goes I guess. A funny thing happened in Sen's Fortress when I was helping other people. At the boulder part where you chase after it, there was a 2nd boulder like 2 seconds behind it which sent me flying through the wall. Then they continued coming down in pairs. Weird stuff.

2 Giants. 2 Boulders.. All face raping.

I have had it happen before myself, they get sync'd in a boulder toss party.

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I've had it happen once or twice, and remember it happening in Demon's Souls too. I'm guessing that given how the world is constantly connected, it could just be lag. Or it's the framerate acting up again, which is shoddy for parts of the game.

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This input lagging has happened to me as well, most frustratingly two firebombs from killing Havel. I did finally manage to take him out but it was such a pain to watch that damned dragon tooth come down on my head after throwing a firebomb 1 to 1.5 seconds after I hit the X button. I'm playing on the 360, and I too hope that they do resolve the issue of lag!

#17 Posted by kingzetta (4307 posts) -

never happened to me, it seems to be an 360 thing

#18 Posted by EVO (3932 posts) -

@kingzetta said:

never happened to me, it seems to be an 360 thing

Nah, it's definitely also a PS3 thing .

#19 Posted by Brake (1118 posts) -

A few times fighting the black knights my guy has refused to drink from the flask before the knight finishes his attack animation. It's relly weird and kinda frustrating. I've also had the attack lag.

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Happens to me quite often. I'll have just made space to take a safe potion chug then...nothing happens, only to begin to have to start moving again because the enemy is on top of me gaining ground to seconds later start that estus flask chug animation. Also, i might hit the strong attack thinking i mispressed the trigger or something because nothing happened to have the attack trigger several seconds afterwords. In a game that demands precision with sophisticated controls and learning timed attacks during enemies' weak points in their combat mechanics it is of paramount importance to have your actions happen when you execute them, not seconds later.

This is just hearsay, but i've heard they're working on a patch for this.

Lastly, i am playing on 360. Also, I am in steam voice chat very often with a friend while i am playing and he reports the same faulty issue as well quite frequently. Hopefully it will be addressed soon.

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Yeah, I'm on PS3 and it happens to me often enough to be annoying. Seems to really like to doing it while using magic.

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Pretty sure its not "lag". I think its just got to do with something else the engine thinks is a priority happening first. Most of the times this happens to me its actually my own fault though for queuing up an attack when I dont have enough stamina to pull it off and then it performing the attack when I do.

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There is definitely input lag in the game, it is particularly conspicuous in certain areas, effects both versions of the game, and no playing offline does not help.

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I'm only 6 hours into the PS3 version and I've never had this happen to me. Could you be draining stamina at the time maybe?

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I noticed it A LOT on snake knights in Sens Fortress and now on the gargoyles in Anor Londo. It is extremely frustrating. I get it on both melee and pyro attacks. It's gotten me killed a couple times :( (PS 3 player here)

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It's not really 'lag'.
If nothing happens when you press a button, the action will be queued up until another action is activated.
Say you want to attack, nothing happens. You can walk around for a while, don't do anything else. Then try to block, or chug an Estus - you'll do that attack instead. This applies to any type of action, other than movement.
Dirty workaround: Doubletap during critical moments to make sure something happens.

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its frustrating. Especially in Bed of Chaos

instead of jumping of at the center character, just falls down. RRRRRRRRAA

stricken by fear of jumping. character just falls off.

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This happens to me often enough to be irritating. If it was just once in a blue moon it wouldn't be an issue, but once every 3 play sessions or so is pretty bad.

#29 Posted by TekZero (2686 posts) -

@NickTheZombie: Apparently, the rumor is that this will be fixed in the patch being released tomorrow.

#30 Posted by NickTheZombie (53 posts) -

@TekZero: Thanks for the head's up, that would be fantastic!

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