Can someone explain Dark Souls?

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I just want to jump in and leave my thoughts.

I will flat out say that it is an amazing game. The level design is really genius, the graphical style is beautifully dark, and a lot of love clearly went into making this game. However, it really does do some things very unfairly.

Some unfair things:

  • Enemies can attack through enemies. The Anor Londo dual bosses is a good example of this. Either one can attack through each other and hit you. Many times you're not able to see them, but the lightning attack will either fly through and hit you, or a hammer will fly through the other character and nail you. It's also frustrating to see them dancing through each other's attacks without taking any damage while you are sprawled out, whimpering on the ground.
  • Getting attacked through walls. Whether it's a stray shot somehow magically flying through a wall, or a spear clipping through and getting you in the back. This includes getting backstabbed right after you have "Traversed The White Light"
  • Ghosts. Yes, you can memorize when they come out and wait for them, but ghosts in New Londo are just bad game design. It doesn't matter how amazing a player you are. If you never came to this area before, you are going to die because you were killed by something you couldn't see. And let's face it, if you were a ghost, you would never come out of the walls. You would just keep attacking through them, where you aren't vulnerable, so this is really a double design fail.
  • Some mechanics/stats are just too opaque. I think a lot of us have forgotten how much we have looked up on wikis, especially when were first starting out. And not because things were deliberately left mysterious, they were just poorly or not explained.
  • Resistance.

Am I bitching? Yeah. But despite all that, it's still an amazing game,and I'm very glad I played it. I don't think there is any shame in admitting to these flaws.

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lol, Dark Souls is easier than most games on the NES. it's challenging but really not that bad, you just have to take your time and know your surroundings in an area. It's just a slower paced game than Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and God Hand, but still as fun and intricate.

Anyway, DS2 is the best to get into. I love the design of its world in that if you are stuck in one area, usually there's some other path to find and go down to do to become stronger and smarter to tackle that other area.

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If you want to jump into the series I would say DS2 would be the better buy. IT starts off slower and I personally think its much easier. Although the first one isn't that hard it does feature my favorite fucked up things: the Anor Londo snipers and pre patch dinosaur asses.

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