Continue my strength build or change it to STR/faith

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My stats are

20 vit

12 att

20 end

30 str

18 dex(for black night weapons)

10 res

9 int

12 faith

lh1: black knight sword +5 lh2: none(sometimes pyromancy flame

lh2: grass crest shield +10/Eagleshield + 10 lh2: none(maybe talisman for heal spell)

armor: all giant( I am trying to see different armor sets and find my favorite.)

rings: havels ring, Fap ring

I am really liking this strength build, but would adding faith and making occult and divine weapons be stronger than getting a good strength based weapon and pumping in a lot of strength. Like my last post I don't know what to really do from here. What are some good objectives I could go for with my strength character to get the strongest character possible. any better weapons than the bk sword, anything really. thanks for the help

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