Currently what is the best way to play Dark Souls:PTD?

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I've been wanting to get back into Dark Souls and the recent sequel news got me to finally install it after I bought it on sale a while back. I played the PS3 version a ton already.

Anyways I've already installed the popular mods DSfix 2.01 and a few others. Basically what ever is popular on the nexus site. Played a bit with a few settings, switched between 60 and 30 fps and not sure if I should just continue with 60 fps with the weird bugs that people have reported being related to it.

So at this point what is considered the "optimal way" to play the game? Were the 60 fps bugs ever resolved? What settings in DSfix should I enable/disable?

A lot of the "guides" for the mods and such seem outdated and I'm curious as to what the current consensus is on how to enjoy the game to its fullest now.

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