Daily Dark Souls incoming?

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#51 Posted by Tesla (1850 posts) -

Man, if Vinny and Rorie playing Dark Souls becomes a semi-regular thing like Daily Dota...I would be constantly fist pumping the air in celebration for the rest of my life.

#52 Edited by YoThatLimp (1818 posts) -

I hope they start a new character!

#53 Posted by Sarumarine (2053 posts) -

If it's Vinny, Drew, and Rorie, that would be a dream team. I remember Drew was in on the Load Our Last Save feature, hope he's in on this one too.

#54 Posted by Noblenerf (253 posts) -

Heads up!

Dark Souls is 75% off right now on Steam ($7.50 USD), probably to celebrate Vinny's daily Dark Souls videos. The sale ends Thursday.

#55 Posted by MormonWarrior (2480 posts) -

I have all the achievements in that game and have beaten it like four or five times. 150+ hours. Not sure if I could stand watching these guys fumble through the game now that I'm super familiar with every facet of it, though most anything with Vinny is guaranteed comedy gold.

For anyone who's interested, I did an editorial writeup on my experience with Demon's Souls/Dark Souls here in my blog. Check it out!

#56 Posted by HerbieBug (3836 posts) -


#57 Posted by MrGetBonus (781 posts) -

I don't think I have ever been more excited about some Giant Bomb premium content than I am about this.

#58 Posted by ZolRoyce (413 posts) -

@mrgetbonus: Agreed, ohhh ohhhhhh I hope this happens, that would be so awesome. I'm all giddy.

#59 Posted by Fredchuckdave (4471 posts) -

@jclane: I personally find the latter more difficult despite playing the former first, what now?

#60 Edited by Hassun (679 posts) -

I rushed trough the game today to make a character ready for the stream.

Let's see if I can ki-err help them...

#61 Edited by Carlos1408 (1462 posts) -

Man... Now I really wish I was a premium member.

#62 Posted by Carlos1408 (1462 posts) -


Praise the Suuuuuun! If only I was so grossly incandescent!

#63 Posted by dkdance100 (7 posts) -

This got to the front page of reddit, from the end of last nights stream.

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