Dark Souls boss help! (Taurus Demon)

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hey everyone so im stuck on the second boss of the game the taurus demon, I've tryed using strats like firebombs and jumping down from the tower doing the down attack but for some reason my down attack wont work. So I was wondering if its possible if I could invite someone to my game to help defeat him I would so grateful!

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Try rolling off the tower onto the demon to give yourself some horizontal distance. Otherwise, the plunging attack might miss. It should be fairly easy if you do that, rinse and repeat.

There is also the option of purchasing the residence key from the undead merchant (a little off to the side near the Undeadburg bonfire), which unlocks a door that leads to 3 pine resins. They enchant your right hand weapon with lightning, greatly increasing damage.

If you still want to try to do it via co-op with someone on the forums, letting us know your Soul Level will help, since there are SL limits to who you can summon. Given the nature of the multi-player, don't count on being able to get a duder though.

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sometimes you have to jump off a little bit to get close enough for the down ward stab to trigger hitting him in the head. Really annoying when that happens.

Anyway I cant help you (im at work) but you may want to say what platform you play on (PC, PS3, XBOX 360) for whoever can. Or just figure out how to defeat him. Whatever works for you =P

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Good luck with the rest of the game.

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Here's what I did: fight him in the middle of the bridge, then be surprised when he walks over the edge and falls to his death. Worked pretty well for me, really.

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Helpful tip: You can walk between his legs

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Just walk off the tower and do a normal attack while you're falling. There's no timing involved. Drop attacks seem more difficult than they really are.

A pro strat is to two-hand your weapon for this attack.

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I actually just started a new game so I could help you out if you still need help. I'm currently Soul Level 11 but I have enough souls to get to probably 17 or 18. I'm not sure of the math but I'd need to be somewhere close to your level.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm on PS3.

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Just walk off the tower and do a normal attack while you're falling. There's no timing involved. Drop attacks seem more difficult than they really are.

A pro strat is to two-hand your weapon for this attack.

I wrote something similar and giant bomb ate my post :P It's good advice.

Also what platform are you playing on? Someone might have a character at your level.

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@rustyh: I would actually avoid such strats entirely and focus on the basics: tumble through his attacks and get a few swings in. When you get low on health, bait him into attacking, dart out of range, and drink an Estus while he's recovering from the attack.

He's actually teaching you how to take on large enemies later. You'll need those skills to survive later areas; you'd best practice them now.

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What @mikelemmer said. In fact, you don't even have to roll. Just lock on, back away from swings, and run in for ONE attack. Keep your nerves in check and you'll do fine.

Summoning at this stage is dangerous because there are far more low level invaders than helpers.

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@hippocrit: Good point. I forgot how many invaders are in that area. I have to play Dark Souls offline, so I had to take on the Taurus solo.

Also, you need to tumble through the attacks to whack him if you have a slow weapon like a mace.

Here's some more tips to help you fight him:

1. Have you found the Undead Merchant in Undead Burg?

2. Have you grinded through the Hollowed in Undead Burg several times & used those souls to level up & buy new equipment from the Undead Merchant?

3. Have you searched every nook & cranny for treasure? (You don't need to kill the Black Knight, but he guards a ring that boosts your defense when you're low on health. Could help in a pinch, although I think the Taurus is easier than him.

4. How many times have you practiced taking on the Taurus without firebombs or drop attacks? When you're dealing with consumables, you need to practice the boss a few times without them and use the consumables once you're familiar with his patterns. It took me 4-5 tries to kill the Taurus for the first time, even after I spent an hour or two grinding souls in Undead Burg to improve my stats & equipment.

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