Dark Souls Coming to Steam.

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*Exhale* This is amazing news for the Dark Souls community. No Games For Windows Live!

I personally didn't have a huge problem with GFWL, but this coupled with the news of cross platform DLC is making Dark Souls message boards across the internet explode with elation.

hopefully this will mean we can get some sales on the game come Christmas. Either way it most certainly means more people will get to enjoy one of my favorite games.

See you in Lordran, and prepare to die.

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This just means that it will be on Steam not that it won't be using the GFWL infrastructure for achievements and multiplayer.

I don't really see why people are so up in arms about it using GFWL. It's been fine whenever I've played games that use it (Like Dirt 2!).

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@Kung_Fu_Viking: I think it's more of the fact that it wasn't available in steam at all. Steam has become the defacto PC download service. And when you've built up an entire network of friends and games only to have a handful exclusively on a different service is super annoying. Not to mention Steam has a lot of tremendous services that would be missed. Granted I don't know much about GFWL, but I do know steam. And who on the internet likes change right :P

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It says nothing about GFWL on the Steam page for Dark Souls.

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most GFWL games are on steam now including the free to play stuff like AOE and flight, batman is another example, this probably wont mean anything in terms in game only that stuff can be purchased with your steam wallet.

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