Dark Souls: Intermediate Help!

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Ahoy duders!

I recently picked up Dark Souls after leaving it in the dust for a few months, maybe half a year. Thing is, I was pretty far along with the character I left. I'm level 79 now, and I've just beaten the Firesage Demon. From what I remember, I think I'm pretty overpowered at this point. My base class is warrior by the way.

I'm kinda at a loss for what I should do now though, in terms of levelling that is. My stats are currently:

  • Vitality: 30
  • Attunement: 8
  • Endurance: 40
  • Strength: 40
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Resistance: 11
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Faith: 9

My current equipment is:

  • Lightning Basterd Sword: 189 base and 189 lightning
  • Short Bow +5 (for kiting only)
  • Balder Shield +10
  • Crest Shield +2 (for those persky magic casters)
  • Complete Elite Knight armor set, all of which are +6
  • Ring of Favor and Protection
  • Ring of Steel Protection

All in all, I think it's a pretty solid build, I'm just not sure where I should take it from here. I guess I'll be heading down through the graveyard pretty soon, and I have the Greatsword of Artorias+4 for that, but I can't wield it properly. I'm lacking a few points in faith though, and seing as it requires 20 faith, that means the next 11 levels will be devoted to that. Is it worth it, and is there any other benefit to faith? I feel like my characters is physically prepared for most things, but it might be cool to make him more like a Knight-type character. I guess faith also buffs magic resistance, which is something I'm sorely lacking. Are there any spells or something like in that vein that might be useful to a warrior/knight character?

So, waddya think?

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first of all , ditch the lightning weapon and go for a +15 weapon with strength scaling , you have a lot of strength and are wasting it with a lightning enchant that ignores scaling ... otherwise , the build looks like a solid strength build .. you could add some dexterity and expand your weapon choice to those that benefit from both ..

I dont personally think adding faith just to wield the greatsword of artorias is worth it , while at 20 faith you would have access to heal , replenishment, tranquil walk of peace etc . realisticly tho would probably want 30 faith minimum for some of the better spells and stuff like darkmoon blade

pyromancy can always be used at any level as there are no stat requirements , you just need to level up the pyromancy flame , and have some extra attunement for spell slots , but even with 1 slot , something liek great combustion can be a huuuuge help .

as for magic defense , the crest shield is your best choice for blocking , and the elite knight gear has better resist than other stuff with similar poise/weight .. you can go for heavier stuff like the stone armor or the guardian armor from the dlc , or lighter stuff like the crimson sealers set or that ridiculous xanthous set .. then theres also the spell stoneplate ring for a flat +50 boost . all stat increases add to your overall resists , so you shouldnt be trying to increase resistance through stats , that just comes as a bonus.

otherwise things seem fine ..

specific weapon reccomendatiosn are difficult because i dont know your preferred style

the manserpent greatsword uprgades to A str scaling and is a bit faster than other greatswords , the zweihander is amazing but suits a balanced str/dx build more .. the reinforced club also ends up with A str scaling , is suprisingly light , and does bleed damage too.. the regular club is good too (infact if you need a weapon for the catacombs , the occult club found in anor londo can be downgraded to a +5 divine club and suits you fine.)

otherwise ... im not sure feel free to ask mor e.. im sure ive answered too much here ehhe.

good luck .. put that str to use and watch your damage soar , (lightning weapons are still great for fodder enemies / dumb pvpers with no resist.)

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The Greatsword of Artorias will take 20 intelligence and 18 dexterity to wield. Additionally, the weapon has B-grade scaling on intelligence and faith, C on strength and dexterity. So unless you're willing to put some serious hours into grinding to get all those stats to 40, I wouldn't recommend using that.

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Your Vitality is 30 and your Endurance is 40. You can beat the game in whatever way you want at your current level. You are pretty overpowered.

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You need 20 int, 20 faith, and 18 dex to use holy greatsword of artorias. Basically, you are nowhere near close to being able to use it. Just put it away until ng+. Honestly, it doesn't really get good until ng++ anyway. You'd be better with better the bastard sword to +5 (it already outdamages gsoa anyway). A lightning bastard sword will hit for like 500 dam once its +5 ( i should point out that its not going to do a lot of damage to gwyn since lightning damage does nothing to him) so that's what you should do.

Also, since you have 40 str, why not get a str scaling weapon instead of using the lightning weapon? The scaling will allow to do more damage since its damage isn't split between physical and elemental. Three good str weapons come to mind. Man serpent greatsword (farm the serpent dudes in sen's), the great club (its in blighttown guarded by two boulder throwing troll dudes), and the great axe (its in the depths guarded by a bunch of rats or you can buy it from crestfallen merchant in sens). The man sword scales A with str at +15 and same with great club. The great axe only scales B but it stunlocks like a beast. You can also buff these weapons and you can't buff the lightning bastard sword or gsoa. So they are just better options imo but you could just beat the game now since your overleveled now and you really don't have to level anything unless you really, really want to use gsoa.

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Yeah pretty much what everyone else said. Just ditch leveling completely and get a good strength weapon to +15 and or get some Pyromancy going. Both of those are expensive but will give a veeeery tangible buff to your character. The Artorias sword is complete shit unless you heavily invest in all 4 stats, so you could work towards that I guess, but we are talking level 167 for optimal usefulness here.

Though honestly, you could just mash through and beat the game by now. Still, switching up the weapon is gonna help a lot against the last boss since he shrugs off lightning.

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i would say save up any leveling for new game plus if you want to do that

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