Dark Souls PC: Can't Load My Save--Please Help!

#1 Posted by PatVB (333 posts) -

I just started the PC version last night. After 2+ hours of wrangling with GFWL, I finally got everything working. I rang the first bell and called it a day. Now, when I boot up the game, there is no option to load my game. I checked my file directory, and the save from last night is sitting exactly where it should be (...\documents\NBGI\DarkSouls\[gamertag]\DRAKS0005.sl2), but the game doesn't seem to recognize it. I've checked other forums for this issue, but I haven't found a resolution. Anyone else have this issue / know how it fix it?


  • I haven't changed my GFWL name, and I have auto sign-in enabled.
  • The game itself is stored on a different drive (E:) than the save (C:). Does this matter?
  • I don't have any achievements for the game, despite doing completing several of the requirements (not sure if this is related or not).
#2 Posted by dudeglove (8307 posts) -

Were you screwing around with trainers or DSFix?

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The save location on a different drive COULD be the issue. This was a rushed port, so you never know.

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Make sure you are not logged in to gfwl in offline mode. Maybe even try disconnecting and reconnecting. If you haven't already I would also suggest restarting your pc and trying to load it again. GFWL can be an ass like that.

#6 Posted by PatVB (333 posts) -

@viciousbearmauling: I just tested it with a new save file, and it loaded fine, so I don't think the drive is the problem. But like you said--rushed post = who knows?

@crusader8463: I tried signing in and out, and rebooting. No luck. The fact that I didn't get any achievements the first time around concerns me--like somehow the save is tied to a profile that doesn't exist, even though I was signed-in to the correct one.

@dudeglove: I'm using DSFix, but I added it before I started the game. Haven't touched any settings since.

At this point, I've put more time into trying to get this game running than I have to actually playing it. I might just wait for the sequel instead.

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I'd just start over.

#8 Posted by plaintomato (599 posts) -

Hack a new character. That's what everyone on PC and Xbox does.

#9 Posted by JJBSterling (218 posts) -

If a new save file loads fine like you said just start over, you didn't get that far.

#10 Edited by Noblenerf (332 posts) -

Doesn't DSfix make save backups by default? Maybe you could try restoring one of those and seeing if they work.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where the save backups are stored.

#11 Posted by PatVB (333 posts) -

@noblenerf: No, unfortunately the option is disabled by default (not sure why).

I'll start over eventually, I just need some time. Sigh.

#12 Posted by bybeach (5001 posts) -

I'd have everything as tight as possible. The only thing that counterbalanced my bitter experience with GFWL was the long effort the MS rep put in with me so I could play this game...after holding me up for a month because of some problem with my account. Next time I will choose phone over e-mail, lol. Turns out something did not load correctly with MS essentials, that tied into it somehow.

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