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i need help. i am playing dark souls all most done with it. so i desidied to look up the diffrence between dark souls and dark souls ptd and i found out there is more to the game so i want to go do it. so far i have at least 53 hours in this game i am a newbie at this. but i got the hang of it and figured most of my probleams out. but this on i can not. its the blue crystal golem to get pendant it is not there. what should i do. ( i am on ps3 i bought the game on disc) also i want to know if it important to do?? or should i just skipp over it and do in in NG+???

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Have the purchased the DLC yet? I don't think the golem has the item until the DLC is installed.

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Depends on your level in NG. The DLC is designed to be tackled around soul level 50 or so i.e. roughly after beating O&S and acquiring the lordvessel. You need to

1) Actually have the DLC (the main game screen should say "PREPARE TO DIE" before you even load your character)/

2) Kill the first blue golem you encounter in Duke's Archives after the two boars, which should drop a broken pendant. If you didn't get the pendant, don't worry:

3) Go to Darkroot basin, kill the hydra there in the lake, follow the left hand shore around the edge.

4) Kill the golden golem you encounter (be careful!). Speak to the lady who appears, she will disappear.

5) Quit/reload/homeward bone or basically see a loading screen in some form.

6) When you load the game again, or return to the area, there should be a weird dark portal thing you can examine. A short cutscene will play, much like entering the Painted World.

* If you did not get the broken pendant initially, return to Duke's and try killing the golem again (it respawns). Note that it will be added to your inventory immediately, you don't have to pick it up like other items.

** If the portal doesn't appear where you encountered the golden golem, return to the shoreline where you fought the hydra in HUMAN form. There should be a summon sign there, which summons the lady you rescued earlier. Talk to her (and buy some of her cool spells). Finally try returning to the golden golem area.

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ok thanks... and i am ablove lvl 50 i am like lvl 100. i went soul farming alot. and thank u so much....

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ok thanks... and i am ablove lvl 50 i am like lvl 100. i went soul farming alot. and thank u so much....

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The blue crystal golem will not appear in The Duke's Archives until you have completed the following:

  1. Killed the hydra in Darkroot Basin.
  2. Killed the yellow crystal golem at the back of the lake where the hydra was.
  3. Talked to Dusk after she pops out of the yellow crystal golem and answered "Yes" to her question.

Once you've killed the blue crystal golem and received the Broken Pendant, all you have to do is go back to Darkroot Basin where the yellow crystal golem was and activate the portal that is now there at to enter the DLC.

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