Did I just screw myself out of 40 hours of gameplay?

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@alkusanagi: okay so here's the good news, I too have killed my divine creating blacksmith (seeing as i attacked him while lvl 50 and lets face it, 100 k souls just wasnt going to happen) and you can still buy all the titinite your heart desires from the giant black smith up in Anor Lodon (sp) the bad news is its a bitch to get through sen's fortress no matter who you are, and getting to said black smith once in anor lodon proves equally challenging. Also i believe that there is no way to create divine weapons any longer. makes the catacombs at your lvl suck. if you do have the materials to up grade weapons the black smith bellow fire link shrine can still hook you up.

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@alkusanagi: The blacksmith is gone, but you can find others latter in the game. You can get through the catacombs by rushing past the ghosts and killing the guys summoning them. It can be tricky but that's the way i did it.

Hope it helps

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Just go pay penance to whats-his-dick in the Gargoyle tower and you'll be fine.

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Hahaha, I remember when I did this. Rage!

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Catacombs is perfectly viable without Divine weapons. Honestly I only ever used a Divine weapon twice, and that was my first time through and again with a squishy DEX build. It's incredibly easy to sprint through or turtle through and just slay all three of the Necromancers and Pinwheel. People often do it early in the game to get immediate access to the Rite of Kindling.
Only issue I could really see would be the three little knob-gobblers hanging around with Nito.

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