Did Vinny Ever Finish Dark Souls?

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If I remember right, he stopped playing right after the pivotal point where the game tells you to go defeat several bosses and get their souls to get to the last boss. After that, he didn't say anything about playing it again. So, did Vinny ever finish Dark Souls?

If not, I would really love a LOLS with Dark Souls. If yes, then Breaking Brad: Dark Souls. (With an arbitrary goal, like getting past a boss)

If I am being honest, I just want to see them play more Dark Souls.

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pc dark souls will most likely be the only thing that generates any further dark souls footage. I assume that the new areas and bosses will require some work to access so that increases the chance of someone having to play dark souls get a save ready to show off that content.. so if they want to quick look it someone will have to play dark souls again eheh .. imo i hope its ryan because despite appreciating vinnys opionon on the game more , id just love to see ryan play more ehe.

unless they get rorie back to do the quick look .. then thatd be great

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I don't think he did, but I could be wrong. I think Dark Souls has had it's brief time on Giant Bomb with the TNT where Ryan started playing from the start. Apart from Vinny, I don't think anybody else really got into it, Jeff even going so far as calling it crazy. He also doesn't like how it controlled either, which I don't really understand, but each to their own I guess.

I think Dark Souls is a game that requires a large investment of time put into it, which for the most part these guys don't have the opportunity to give, especially considering it came out around the time Skyrim did. Fucking Skyrim. Because of that no-one got that interested, and because of that no-ones likely to come back and play it again. Maybe they'll play some of the PC version when it comes out, but I would bet that even if they do it won't get much coverage. It's a sad fact, but the majority of gamers just 'don't get' Dark Souls. I doubt they'd put something on that they know the majority of people watching won't be interested in it.

A LOLS could potentially take forever, so I'm not sure they would go for that; unless there at the last boss or something. Not sure what achievement Brad would be going for, unless, again, they just say beat the last boss.

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What's a LOLS?

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@JaredA: Load our last save.
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I think the majority of them saw it as a cute little gimmick; they were cool with putting in around 10 hours (or less... a lot less), but they were impressed more to do with how ''weird'' and ''INSANE AND SUPER HARD OMGWTF'' it is than Dark Souls was as a whole. In other words, I think the initial ''wtf'' factor has worn off for a lot of them; Vinny, Rorie and Kessler were the only 3 who actually genuinely enjoyed it across the board.

I'd love if they'd at least do another QL for the PC version perhaps, but it feels unlikely. I'm sure there'll be a small talk about it on the bombcast when it's released, but I imagine that the Dark Souls coverage is finished.

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@fishmicmuffin @nrh79: Thank you!

I fully endorse a Dark Souls Load Our Last Save! Though seeing Kind ol' Vinny get angry would make me sad, I think.
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No one ever really finishes Dark Souls.

I do not approve of any Dark Souls coverage without having Rorie involved!

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He did finished Demon's Souls, but don't know about Dark Souls.

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According to his achievements he hasn't. GBers be creepin'.

I think Dark Souls has gotten more than its fair share of coverage here. I would love more, but between a lengthy Quick Look, the part where Ryan played it, and plenty of talk on the Bombcast, I'm satisfied. A LOLS would be fun (though maybe tedious, given that the game gets MUCH harder after the lord vessel the first time you play it), or a PC quick look with Rorie showing off some new content!

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Skyrim came out shortly after dark souls. So I imagine he started putting more time into that instead. At least that's what I did.

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I'd love to see a Breaking Brad with him walking into Blighttown, and trying to tackle Queelag for the first time. Could be very entertaining.

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I am beginning to notice that all your threads pose questions which we cannot possibly hope to answer...

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@Sweep said:

I am beginning to notice that all your threads pose questions which we cannot possibly hope to answer...

Actually, we can tell quite certainly! Unless he has somehow disabled his achievements, Vinny hasn't beaten the game.

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Dark Souls isn't even that hard until NG+. Really makes you wonder about Giantbombers game playing prowess.

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