DLC NG++ run this weekend?

#1 Posted by Zombieheadbutt (255 posts) -

Would anyone be interested in co-op'ing the bosses in the DLC sometime this weekend? I've had no luck finding random summon signs for the DLC for any of the bosses thus far.

I'm soul level 156 and I'm running a Dex/Int built with max stamina and 1690 HP. I'm pretty sure I can down Artorias solo but Kalameet and Manus might be a bit difficult on NG++. I still haven't managed to get the tail weapon from Kalameet. It's literally the only weapon in the game I don't have so if you still need it also let's get this done.

Also, I'm a sunbro so hopefully that'll help get us in the same game.

#2 Posted by Ravenlight (8011 posts) -

You're going to need to post the platform you're playing DaS on so you can find the right match.

Maybe also try posting on the Dark Souls Reddit. Probably a lot more people looking to co-op there.

The last thing you could try (this is the way I got Kalameet's tail) is to PVP some people in the Oolacile Township for a little while and maybe ask someone after a match if they'd be game to help you out.

Praise the sun!

#3 Posted by Zombieheadbutt (255 posts) -

Wow, you're right. I did forget to post my platform. I'm on a 360. I also visit the Dark Souls sub-reddit quite often but it seems like most of the post you see their are media or declarations rather than request so I didn't think it would land well but I'll give it a shot.

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