Does the Warrior of Sunlight Faith limit carry over to NG+?

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Hey guys, I just finished my first playthrough today and I was wondering, does the lowered Faith limit for joining the Warrior of Sunlight covenant carry over to NG+? I only have 11 Faith so I don't want to dump points in something I'll never use, and I didn't know about the lowering the 25 Faith requirement until much later in the game. I also want to forge Gwyn's Greatsword for this playthrough cause it sounds badass so even if I join the Covenant in this game I wouldn't be able to get the Sunlight Spear until NG++. I'm trying to get all the trophies so I'm planning ahead of things this time. Thanks!

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It does carry over to NG + if you're already a member of the covenant. Were you to leave the covenant and then move into new game +, the faith requirements would be reset. I'd like to note to you real quick that Gwyn's Greatsword, while being the "ultimate reward", is pretty underwhelming, and that the Sunlight Spear has a faith requirement of 50 to use.

Warrior of Sunlight covenant remains fun as hell, though, way to go! (I'm usually a Dark Wraith, go figure.)

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@do_the_manta_ray: Oh ok thanks, I'll leave it until NG++ then. I only want to join the Covenant so I can get all the miracle spells to get the trophy so I don't really mind that I can't use it.

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