Dragon Greatsword *SPOILERS*

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For those that don't know, the Dragon Greatsword is a weapon you can get from The Everlasting Dragon in Ash Lake by cutting off it's tail, this doesn't make the dragon hostile with you and does not break your covenant if you are in it.

This sword broke the game for me, every boss fight was a cake-walk after I got this sword and I think it ruined the game for me, at least for now. I upgraded it to +4 and all I had to do was 2H it and use the R2 special to kill every boss.

Anyone else ?

*Edit* Just to clarify, I have beaten the entire game. I can't seem to find anyone who doesn't think this weapon is a joke in terms of power yet.

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@AlianthaBerries: I have and so far honestly, it isn't game breaking... only to a certain point just like the drakesword. For me I used it a bit then ignore it completely for better gear and weapons. Will continue to roll with my current gear in NG+++++ as I find it entertaining.

Not until I get Dark Souls PC then I'll be going through another adventure again!


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Never even found Ash Lake and all that jazz until New Game+ and well, it wasn't worth using to me by then. Maybe that's just me and hating the slower weapons. I stuck with my Chaos Washing pole

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