first class for a noob?

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I looking to start up the game and I not sure which direction I should go. I have no idea what do in this game, but from hearing everything about this game, it really doesnt matter how you start, I'm gonna suck and die a lot. Experienced players should at least has some feedback as to how i should start out first though. any info would be great.

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Knight, probably. But we're all noobs at this point, so I don't really see the distinction.

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Go Knight and use the shield often. It's the easiest class, because the stats are all relatively good.

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Why not play the Deprived class? You're already kicking yourself in the nuts by playing the game.

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Cleric is fun so far

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Cleric is probably the best choice. Start off with double the healing =/

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I'm sure there are other approaches, but I would not know any better. I could not help liking Rorie's approach, both defense/offense.

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I started out as a sorcerer because I mainly used magic in demon's souls. After having played for three hours or so I can tell you it probably isn't a good beginner class.  The shield is passable and the dagger is weak but very fast.  The hardest part about starting as a sorcerer is the low vitality and low strength.  The change up in the magic system requires you to embrace melee combat but the sorcerer's low strength forces you to immediately level it up early on if you ever want to be able to use decent melee weapons. But at the same time your vitality is very low so early on so you die especially easy. You have to decide between leveling strength or vitality when both need serious work and it makes the start a little harder than it needs to be.  If I were to start again I would probably take one of the more balanced melee characters the spec it towards magic if I wanted to cast spells.
Still, Soul Arrow is still powerful early on, and as long as you aren't spamming it the 30 uses are more than enough to get you from bonfire to bonfire. The first boss in Lordran (taurus something) goes down really easily with the spell as well.

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The Wiki said that the Pyromancer was the best beginner class I think, but in either case you should check out the Wiki page concerning classes here.

Thief seems to be the most difficult to play from those descriptions, barring Deprived.

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Definitely pyromancer, it's a nice hybrid mix of melee and magic, it's also a very fun class.

I played Knight also, I don't think it's geared towards beginners because of the speed reduction. It's a powerful class but definitely not an easy one.

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This was my first time playing a Souls game and I picked Deprived. Am I doing it right?

If you're careful you can do pretty much anything. Except fight skeletons because fuck skeletons.

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I'm new and went pyromancer. The fireball spell is pretty awesome so far.

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I'm firmly of the opinion that you should somewhat ignore the starting stuff and either choose the class that gets you closest to your end game playstyle (tough to do when no one really knows how the end game is going to be) or the one that is the easiest for you to progress. I have a feeling the Pyromancer is the easiest way to play magic (pyromancy to begin and then get the other sorceries later if you want them), Knight is for armored melee, Cleric for Miracles, etc.

Pyromancer feels like a great starting class anyhow with decent health and a powerful attack early will help new players imo. Though the extra healing from the cleric is probably really nice too.

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I'm playing warrior and I just killed my second demon... so far I have only died 3 times, and it's because I kept trying to do the jump attack on plain enemies... when it works it feels badass..

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I started with the pyromancer because I liked the fact that you start at level one. The first improvement you can strive for with that class is getting a better shield. The hand axe is a pretty fun weapon too.

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Most of them seem pretty decent for any new player aside from the thief. Hunter and Sorcerer seem a bit better for players who have at least a general idea of what they're doing. Personally I started with a wanderer, and then I also made a pyromancer a few hours later. The pyromancer feels a bit easier, but that may be because I know a little bit about what I'm doing now.

Pick whatever you feel like though. Like you said, you're going to die countless times and be forced to learn to play better no matter what class you choose.

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I've heard from several different places that the Royal class is the best one for complete beginners. It might not be the class you keep coming back to, but great for new players to learn the game.

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@NickLott said:

I've heard from several different places that the Royal class is the best one for complete beginners. It might not be the class you keep coming back to, but great for new players to learn the game.

That would be for Demons Souls.

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I don't think I'd agree that Knight is the easiest class. Yeah they can soak damage and block better than anyone, but they're sluggish with their heavy armor. There's a bit of a learning curve to compensate. From the little I tried, Warrior and Wanderer seem faster and easier to play.

Some enemies hit so hard, that even just staying there and blocking will drain your stamina, leaving you wide open with no way to counter. Being able to roll dodge away is the easiest way for beginners to avoid damage and keep their distance (God of War style). Knights generally can't rely on this tactic. They're more suited to stay in close, shields up and slowly strafe around.

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@NickLott said:

I've heard from several different places that the Royal class is the best one for complete beginners. It might not be the class you keep coming back to, but great for new players to learn the game.

Royal was Demon's Souls, this is Dark Souls. No royal, though I heard that the Sorcerer or maybe Pyromancer are the closeest thing (probably sorcerer).

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In Demon's Souls I only played a Royal, basically concentrating on melee combat with spells as an afterthought. Hearing good things about the Pyromancer, I decided to create one last night. Does it get any better? I absolutely hate it so far. The Fireball seems very short range, thrown in an arc like the many games that have stupid molotov cocktails that I never use. I was trying it on the first boss encounter, finding it frustrating adjusting my range so the damn spell could even reach the boss.

Does Pyro get anything that shoots straight, because I'm really starting to miss that Soul Arrow?

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Play it like you want it to be played, there is no right template.

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Knight was pretty good in Demon's Souls so I would give that a try.

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Uh the easiest starting class... 5 hours in and yeah KNIGHT. It is literally no contest. They have the best starting weapon, shield, armor, highest health, so on so forth. They are by far the best. The weapon I use normally is still not as good as their starting one, I have found a better shield though. Unless you want to be a dex or magic based character it is a no brainer.

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Best idea is to identify the stats you will want to raise and pick the class with the lowest level and fewest points to get there. The reason for this is that the more stat points you have, the more expensive they are. If you add a stat point you don't need or won't want later, it'll cost you a ton of extra souls down the road - it'll probably cost you 20k for a single stat point after around 50 stat points or so. Start based on stats to save yourself some serious grinding later.

You want to decide early if you are going for Strength (big mean slow smashing weapons) or Dexterity (faster and more technical play), and then what you are going to mix in with that choice - either a combo of the Strength and Dexterity, or one of them with Magic or Faith. You don't want to try and have it all, or you'll be too weak for any of the best stuff.

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I play thief and started raising my str an end right away and things have been going great. I use a combination of hollow shield, Bow in left hand and spear and Long sword in the other. The back stab damage I can is great and kills most enemies in a hit. For the stuff I can't get behind I use firebombs.

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A cleric's healing spell won't do much good until you know *when* to heal. That's probably one of the most important things to learn in a Souls game. Choose whatever class looks interesting. If you hate how it plays at the start, just make a new one. Get a feel for how everything works. Eventually you will be able to do a bit of this and a bit of that, but that start can be made infinitely more difficult if you choose a class that just doesn't mesh with how you play games.

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pyromancer all the way, fire ball and axe in right hand. Shield and other axe in left hand.

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Pyromancer is good, just for the fireball. Can be used to kill early bosses really quickly. Put stats into endurance and vitality mainly but do some research on what weapons you want to focus on (and get the stat requirements for those, i.e. 16 str 14 dex etc). Upgrade gear over levels if you have the choice.

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I'm about an hour into my first character in Dark Souls (cleric) and been having an okay time so far.

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I started with a melee class and got my ass handed to me (though this was probably because I didn't "understand" the game yet). I decided to reroll as a straight Sorcerer and haven't looked back since. The Sorcerer has made almost every boss fight a breeze. Keep in mind that I'm only 80ish percent of the way through the campaign, but unless something dramatically changes, a Sorcerer is an incredibly viable PVE class. Also: I'm a noob.

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Fuck the knight, the knight can't run.

Pyromancer runs around with a fucking axe and a fire spell. Asked and answered.

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I would say go pyromancer. Become a chaos servent. Get a huge ass fireball spell. Profit.

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