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Farmed enough tit to make Quelaag's Furysword. I wanted to replace my +4 lightening spear w/a new, more powerful weapon. After all my work, I'm not impressed. It doesn't hit for a lot of damage, making shit like Capra demons a bitch (and those fuckers will mess you up if you're careless). I understand that you have to have humanity to jack it up. This seems like more inconvenience than it's worth.

I might return to the spear. It hits for 150-350 for normal to high strikes, and it does 900 if I parry-riposte - that's serious hurt. I also love that it keeps the enemy at a distance. After using it for so long, I'm addicted to its range. The Furysword (and any sword, for that matter) means I have to get in close. This is dangerous when facing hard-core bruisers.

Live and learn.

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I found the only thing to beat a +5 lightning spear was the electrified demon spear from the harpies(or whatever they are) in Anor Londo. It's basically the same with better scaling. I also used the Giant's Halberd +5 for a while.

Anyway, it really comes down to taste (or the fight in question, e.g. I found furysword excellent for Four Kings). I really prefer a spear so I pretty much stick to them.

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Yeah, that flame damage would probably be pretty handy against The Four Kings, as well as the speed of it.

It does come down to taste at the end of the day, but I would suggest that if your lucky enough for a Black Knight to drop any of their weapons, you should just probably use that and upgrade it. There's a whole bunch of Twinkling Titanite in the Crystal Cave's you can use to upgrade any of them, as well as the Giant Blacksmith selling it in Anor Londo. Got to get real lucky for anything to drop though, I guess you could put on the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring to improve your chances, but the odds are still pretty long.

As for Furysword, I've got one and didn't like it. I'm not confident enough, or ever have enough humanity at all, to make it worthwhile (although apparently it only takes about 3 humanity to make it decent enough)

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Fury sword is a good sword if you take time to max out and scale it. It scales to both humanity and DEX (b scale). It maxes out at +10 humanity, not that hard to get if you farm in The Depths with a Gold Serpent Ring. That combined with a 25-30 DEX should make it a lot more powerful. A lot of the Fury sword's overall damage comes from fire, so if your enemy has a high tolerence to fire, maybe switch over to the lightning spear.

I occasionally used it in PvP. If your looking for something just to do massive physical damage against bosses, it may not be the best choice. I used it on a few bosses with success, others not so well. If distance is your thing, Halberds are the way to go. I used an Enchanted Halberd on my first playthrough and it worked rather well. Second playthrough was with the Dragon King Greataxe. Massive damage. Not so good PvP. A Black Knight Sword +5 is a good melee weapon too. I got through New Game + with it.

If you've reached the smith in Anor Landor, just ditch the lightning spear altogether. He can make a much better weapon for you, though you may want to avoid lightning weapons for a while. You need Titanite Chunks to upgrade and it looks like you may have used them on the spear. Only place I know of to farm them easily is at the end of the game (Kiln).

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@Gazel_Ministry: you can (more) easily farm titanite chunks in New Londo Ruins with the DarkWraiths. You also get the added bonus of an extremely rare drop of a titanite slab.

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