Get "Curse Resist" Spell?

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I just finished doing all the stuff with Big Hat Logan in the archives (spoiler free version, I have all his spells now) and realized that I am one spell away from the "Wisdom of a Sage" trophy. The only spell I need is the resist curse spell.  I realize that this spell is sold by Ingward in the New Londo Ruins only before the four kings have been killed, but I have killed them already.  Is there any other method of obtaining the spell? Or is my only option at this point to wait until NG+ to get it?

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@pjacobson21: just go back to talk to him and he'll return to firelink shrine, from there he still sells that spell

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@Ghost249: ahhh well I should have checked this thread a little sooner because I just went and killed him haha (I thought maybe he would drop it?).  But getting back to him in NG+ was pretty easy so I was still able to get the trophy.

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