Graaaargh!! (Getting Up to the Crow's Nest)

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For about two hours and roughly 50 tries now I've been trying to do the fucking jump over to the broken pillar from the grass area. I know exactly what I need to do, I've watched about 10 guides on YouTube, I've tried as overburdened and as naked, I've tried rolling and jumping, but I NEVER roll/jump far enough. What the fuck am I missing?!

I'm playing on PC (with the graphics/framerate fix), is that somehow screwing things up? Please help me before I go insane. :(

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pc master race

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Whilst DSfix (w/ unlocked framerate on) is known to cause collision detection problems, unless you can distinctly see your character making the jump, but phasing through the pillar at the last second, I doubt it's the cause of the problem. I usually don't use the sprint jump to cross the gap because there's not much room to maneuver/gain momentum, so you could try only rolling, making sure to gently nudge your character as far as they will go to the edge of the cliff-face platform. If all else fails, then you should deactivate the framerate unlock feature for that part in case there is some known common issue.

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