Guess the next Souls name!

#1 Posted by Nonused (259 posts) -

I'm gonna assume they're not labeling these suckers numerically, so what do you think the next Souls game will be called? Since "D" seems themey, I'm gonna guess... Uh... Diabolical Souls.

#2 Posted by JJOR64 (19544 posts) -

Dave Souls.

#3 Posted by Karkarov (3668 posts) -

Diarrhea Souls.

#4 Posted by Phatmac (5918 posts) -

Dead Souls?

#5 Posted by BeachThunder (13091 posts) -

Dolphin Souls

#6 Posted by bushpusherr (938 posts) -

Unless they change publishers, I would assume it would probably just be Dark Souls 2. The reason they changed it was cause they didn't have the rights to use the name Demon's Souls anymore.

#7 Posted by TekZero (2848 posts) -

Vagina Souls.

#8 Posted by Dixavd (1476 posts) -

I really don't want a third Souls game right now - seeing them try something different would get me a lot more interested. But if I were to guess I would say:

Deathly Souls

#9 Posted by betterboulder (200 posts) -

Damned Souls

Dank Souls

Dirk Souls

#10 Posted by porterpj (19 posts) -

Darker Souls

#11 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Bark Souls.

You play as a dog or a tree.

#12 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -


#13 Posted by AckbarTheGreat (423 posts) -

Dem Souls

#14 Posted by BirdkeeperDan (411 posts) -

Dick Souls or Dos Souls

#15 Edited by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

Delightful Souls

DOOM Souls (rip and tear!)

Del Souls

#16 Posted by Nonused (259 posts) -

@Phatmac: Too obvious!

@bushpusherr: Yeah, I know. But just numbering them off would be preeeeety boring.

#17 Posted by BirdkeeperDan (411 posts) -

Durger Souls

#18 Posted by Jeff (5275 posts) -

Dino Souls

#19 Posted by bushpusherr (938 posts) -

@Nonused: I agree. If I had to hope for a new one I suppose I would go with "Desolate Souls". It certainly fits the mood.

#20 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
@Jeff said:

Dino Souls

SOLD! Better let Patrick know. 
#21 Posted by psylah (2272 posts) -

Gellin' Soles

#22 Posted by Fredchuckdave (6964 posts) -

Soul's Souls

#23 Edited by Gantrathor (260 posts) -

Dragon's Souls? There are dragons in those games. I think Dead Souls is the obvious choice, though.

#24 Posted by LassieME (244 posts) -

Dark Souls 2: Resurrection of Dark

#25 Posted by 71Ranchero (3140 posts) -

Dark Soup. Its a medieval fantasy kitchen simulator.

#26 Posted by Brackstone (152 posts) -

De La Souls

#27 Posted by Carpus (2 posts) -


Only if there will be PaRappa the Rapper like parts in the game.

#28 Posted by phrosnite (3509 posts) -

Dark Souls 2 is what I want.

#29 Posted by BirdkeeperDan (411 posts) -

Ghouls Souls

#30 Posted by musclerider (633 posts) -

The edgy next gen reboot

The Souls.

#31 Posted by MiniPato (2807 posts) -

Dark Soles

#32 Posted by Duff_McWhalen (24 posts) -

Elder Souls.

#33 Posted by malbenus (10 posts) -

Dire Souls.

#34 Posted by Kerned (1183 posts) -

Soul Train

#35 Posted by Rayeth (1113 posts) -

@Brackstone said:

De La Souls

/Thread. This is the title. We are done here everyone.

#36 Posted by david3cm (677 posts) -

@Brackstone: Dammit, you beat me to it. Well done by the way.

#37 Posted by Begilerath (178 posts) -

Bigger Darker Souls

#38 Posted by august (3904 posts) -

Get Souls.

#39 Posted by NegativeCero (3085 posts) -

I would love it if they called it Demon Souls again only without the "s" after souls. Or something boring like Black Souls.

#40 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

@malbenus said:

Dire Souls.

Pretty damn feasible.

I do like the idea of a game just called Souls.

#41 Posted by Omnomnivore (2935 posts) -

Lost Souls, Dead Souls, Demonic Souls, Doomed Souls, Darkened Souls, etc.

There are a lot of titles they could go with that would sound need. I like the sound of "Lost" souls.

#42 Posted by M_Shini (561 posts) -

Dark Soul

#43 Posted by JasonR86 (10003 posts) -

King's Field V.

#44 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

Lost Souls makes a lot of sense. Isn't that what the game is about, anyway? Losing your souls over and over and OVER ADNF SUAGHBSKANGALKSGN

#45 Posted by Sackmanjones (5189 posts) -

The Demon's souls.

#46 Posted by IAmNotBatman (688 posts) -

All Units Souls.

#47 Posted by hussatron (193 posts) -

Jurassic Park

#48 Posted by Superkenon (1553 posts) -

Shark Souls


#49 Posted by The_Last_Starfighter (290 posts) -
@murisan said:

Lost Souls makes a lot of sense. Isn't that what the game is about, anyway? Losing your souls over and over and OVER ADNF SUAGHBSKANGALKSGN

That's what I was going to say.
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