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#1 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -

To preface this. . .I know no one cares, but in all honesty, even less people care in my circle of friends, so here I am.

I also know that some folks are on their NG+++++, but also here goes.

After buying this game at launch, loving it and getting beat down by it time after time (taking subsequent breaks, due to frustration), I can proudly say that I, a man that never seems to finish a single game ever, has beat Dark Souls. Granted, I know it's probably not that much of an accomplishment to some of y'all, this is heretofore a significant accomplishment to me and I am here to report-this is completely rad. Given that my RL friends could give (or not give) to shakes of a lambs tail to this glorious moment, I look to my fellow bombers and bomberettea

#2 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -

Bah! To continue. Ahem. . . Bombers and Bomberettes for just a nod of the head, a thumbs up, or possibly a retelling of one of their greatest gaming accomplishments.

#3 Posted by MightyDuck (1620 posts) -

Congrats! From what I hear, that's quite a feat.

Dark Souls is one of those games that I've wanted to pick up since it came out. However, I know I'll get to a tough spot and simply give up. I have a very hard time sitting around and just grinding out levels/skills.

#4 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -
@MightyDuck I highly suggest DS, as far as gaming goes, that was a very rewarding and memorable experience. . .and thanks yo!
#5 Posted by TRSJabber (28 posts) -

Congratulations! I am still on my first playthrough. I believe I am at soul level 50, just defeated Queelag and rang the second Bell of Awakening. On to Sen's Fortress now where I hear there are deadly traps at every turn. I love the pace of the game. Slow, methodical. You have to study your opponent and think about how best to counter their moves. It is such a refreshing change of pace.

#6 Posted by MightyDuck (1620 posts) -

@P00zombie: Hmmm, maybe I will give it a look then. Are there any certain classes you suggest that make it best for a "newbie" to the series.

#7 Posted by McShank (1647 posts) -

I sir, say you have merely touched the surface of dark souls. When you have Platinumed or whatever xbox has to have all achievs, then you have beaten it. But to finish the game, that is in itself pretty good. You have more callings to the Souls of the dark to befold upon you. Get to it good sir and may the deaths be glorious.

#8 Posted by legendlexicon (99 posts) -

Welcome to now being able to more than half your original play time.

#9 Posted by SockemJetpack (422 posts) -

Grats! I haven't played it yet but I will when it ends up on a Steam sale <tents fingers and looks shiftily from side to side> From what I've seen of the game it seems like something to be proud of for damn sure.

My own gaming accomplishment? One comes to mind. I was 7 years old. It was a Monday (school) morning and my cousin had stayed the weekend to play video games and do 7 year old kid things. After breakfast we went straight to the den and instead of watching Inspector Gadget as was tradition we decided to play some Altered Beast on the Master System. I don't know how many of you have played the original but it's balls hard. I had never beat it before but I had gotten close a few times. We didn't have much time before we had to catch the bus and I didn't expect to do much more than maybe get to level 4 (last level) and die on the rhino guy at the end. Rhino man wouldn't have me that day and surprisingly I beat the poop out of him whilst my brother from another mother (specifically my aunt) cheered me on. Also I caught the bus. /shades

I was so excited I had to tell all the kids at school about it that day. Unfortunately I was the only kid that owned an SMS and they didn't know what I was talking about. Damn Nintendo kids.

#10 Edited by eroticfishcake (7856 posts) -


Now go get all the achievements and do a SL1 run.


#11 Posted by envane (1188 posts) -

grats sir , yes i am in a ng+9 but i never fail to underestimate how fucking annoying the crystal caves can be , or the new londo ghosts if i try to just run thru etc .. still are stupid things that get me , the boulder at sens fortress when i go to free logan etc .. embarrasingly stupid shit ..

so yeah its still quite an impressive achivement for someones first clear , grats , now do it again ! heh

#12 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -
@MightyDuck I'm probably the worst person to ask, but here's what I did. I went with wanderer, because the stats didn't seem to matter a whole lot considering they are fairly malleable as the game goes on (I completely understand I can be in the wrong here, but I'm sure the vets know a thing or two) and I went with the master key (or whatever it's called) as the gift. It was pretty handy for the early game. Give it a shot. From a fellow who can't seem to finish a thought, I couldn't quit coming back.
#13 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -
@McShank Believe me, I just started my NG+. I'm anxious to dive back in with all the knowledge I have now. Seriously. What a fantastic game.
#14 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

Proud of ya! But what you said was right about how it isn't that big of an accomplishment for some of us. I've easily beaten the games a dozen times over.

Congrats either way.

#15 Posted by NegativeCero (3089 posts) -

Good job! I took a break from my game a while ago after getting to the New Londo Ruins. I'll get back to it and finish it eventually. I loved my time with it too much to leave it in the shelf.

#16 Posted by HadesTimes (885 posts) -

Grats man, that's a big accomplishment.

#17 Posted by Maajin (1142 posts) -

Congrats! I've recently got my platinum on it, and I can say it is the one I'm most proud of! =)

#18 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -
@SockemJetpack No doubt about those pesky Nintendo kids (really I'm just kidding. Apparently, my folks didn't care for Nintendo, as I started with a master system and upgraded to a genesis. I was super jealous of a SNES) . Anyway, I couldn't finish Altered Beast to save my life, but I sure beat the hell out of Rambo III! Grats to you, sir!
#19 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -
@Joeyoe31 Holy smokes! Grats to YOU! Am I insane in thinking it gets easier in subsequent playthroughs, since I atleast have an idea regarding the strategies or am I way off-base?
#20 Posted by legendlexicon (99 posts) -

@P00zombie: It does get easier. The numbers get bumped up, but you've basically trained to get good at it. Keep at it, and you won't bat an eye at anything really.

#21 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Good job. I still haven't beaten Demons Souls.

#22 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -
@Maajin I completely believe that! I'm not one to finish any game, but I can't help but have my eye towards the achievements now. Can't say there has been any games where I wanted to dive back in, besides SMB3, but that was 20 years ago.

Man, I'm old. Ugh.
#23 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -


Now go get all the achievements and do a SL1 run.


SL 1 run?! That just sounds crazy.
#24 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

@P00zombie: You learn things. Like how much time it takes for an enemy to turn around, or how big the backstab hitbox is, or how much health every enemy has. It's not like I learned it on purpose, you just sort of start to memorize without realizing it since you know the game is about memorization. It was the same with Demon's Souls. Also Demon's Souls probably prepared me for Dark Souls even more since I had played Demon's Souls religiously since it's release.

#25 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -
@legendlexicon Are there any tips you might pass along? The one thing I have definitely learned is I gotta get that helmet from demon ruins before I do Tomb of the Giants. Carrying a lantern sucked a cat's butt.
#26 Posted by legendlexicon (99 posts) -

@P00zombie: Get good at strafing, back stabs and parries. Memorize every enemies pattern. You just get a feel for it. Once you get that feel, you can just run through the game easily. I wanted to show my friend the game once, and in a single sitting I was already in blighttown. Once you get to that point, you'll want to try sl 1 runs. I've started with a thief like that, and it is a lot of fun, until you run into you people you can't critically hit.

#27 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

@legendlexicon: I think you and me could get along.

#28 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -

@P00zombie: You learn things. Like how much time it takes for an enemy to turn around, or how big the backstab hitbox is, or how much health every enemy has. It's not like I learned it on purpose, you just sort of start to memorize without realizing it since you know the game is about memorization. It was the same with Demon's Souls. Also Demon's Souls probably prepared me for Dark Souls even more since I had played Demon's Souls religiously since it's release.

That's righteous. I'm excited to know the game better. Parrying. . .thats the next thing in gonna get down.
#29 Posted by legendlexicon (99 posts) -

@Joeyoe31: Haha probably. I don't play online though. Long ago I bought a cheap old xbox 360 off a friend just for that game. I really wish I could play demon souls though. I've heard its more of a challenge.

#30 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

@legendlexicon: If you're as good at backstabbing as you say you are then it wouldn't be. The hitbox is HUUUUGE in that game. Way bigger than Dark Souls so you would probably plow through it.

#31 Posted by legendlexicon (99 posts) -

@Joeyoe31: Well that's a slight disappointment, but yeah I got good at backstabs. It is funny to backstab one of those black knights at the beginning to death. Especially if they are just getting up from a previous one.

#32 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -
@legendlexicon@Joeyoe31 Any tips for parrying? I certainly couldn't beat the last bossfella with parries, but I sure could see that making it easier.
#33 Posted by legendlexicon (99 posts) -

@P00zombie: Different shields=different timing windows for parries. If I recall correctly, you can get a parry dagger that makes it super easy, and you can switch in-between a shield and that dagger. In terms of actual ability, the best advice is learn how the AI works in the enemies. You'll notice certain enemies almost always do something after you do something, so you can get them into a mode where you can set them up for an easy parry, like the early enemies with spears.

#34 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

@P00zombie: Target shield is the best parrying item next to the parrying dagger. The thing about the Target shield is that it's actually a shield so you can still block attacks. I also think when it's max leveled it blocked 100% of physical attacks unless it already does that.

#35 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -
@legendlexicon@Joeyoe31 Sweet! Thanks! Every little bit seems to help in this game.
#36 Posted by SockemJetpack (422 posts) -

@P00zombie: I never played Rambo III. Pretty much every SMS game was really hard though so I'll give you some propers. All the same it's good to see someone else on Earth owned the SMS. Also I forgot to mention that the Rhino dude at the end was infuriating because of his hammerpants slide... also I'll just leave this right here...

Loading Video...
#37 Posted by Tesla (2005 posts) -


I've had the game since launch, still haven't beaten it yet. Of course I took a 6 month break from the game, but I've probably logged around 200 hours counting all characters. I finally got the Lordvessel just last night. aren't the last to cross the finish line.

#38 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

@MightyDuck: I can guarantee that you won't have to grind. The game can be completed at level 1. When you get stuck it's a change in strategy that you'll need, not a higher level. Improving the weapons and armour is more affective than gaining a level. Sometimes you'll go into a fight and die and then realize you should switch from your physical defence armour to fire defence armour and use a fire defence buff spell. Or maybe you'll realize that your armour isn't physical enough and you need something that'll allow you to not get knocked over so you can attack or heal while eating attacks. And you can always get help. On my first run someone invaded my game and opened a gate so I could bypass a dragon and then he dropped a bunch of items so I could upgrade my gear. Then I hit him in the back with an axe and he fell off a cliff. You could get two co op partners too.

#39 Posted by DelroyLindo (387 posts) -

@P00zombie said:

Bah! To continue. Ahem. . . Bombers and Bomberettes for just a nod of the head, a thumbs up, or possibly a retelling of one of their greatest gaming accomplishments.

I finally S ranked it a couple days ago. Took me 168 hours. One of the best games I've ever played.

#40 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5204 posts) -

Congratulations on finishing DS. It's a tough mistress, but she is fair. Except for the motherfuckin' snipers on the bridge.

Fuck those fools. Fuck them forever.

#41 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6420 posts) -

@BraveToaster said:

Good job. I still haven't beaten Demons Souls.

I can't get past the second level.

#42 Posted by TobbRobb (5094 posts) -

@P00zombie: You didn't beat the him with parrying? :O. I might have been underleveled but that fucker oneshot me through my shield. If I wasn't good at parrying that would have been impossible.

Impressive. ^^

#43 Posted by Gargantuan (1890 posts) -

Congrats! I still haven't finished Dark Souls. I want to play it but I think I'll wait for the PS3 DLC before I start a new character. Hmm, maybe I should play through Demon's Souls again while I wait for the DLC.

#44 Posted by SuperMeatToy (36 posts) -

@P00zombie: Exceedingly well done!! I'm thrilled that you not only finished it, but had a fantastic time with it too. I'd love to know what sections or bosses you enjoyed the most/least, what your highest and lowest moments were or any other memorable times you had during your playthrough.

#45 Posted by Rafaelfc (1778 posts) -

ugh, I'm at the Tomb of Giants right now, and I really, REALLY don't want to play any more Dark Souls (for a while)

not that I didn't like the game, I actually like it a lot... but it takes a steep price on my... ahem.. SOUL

#46 Posted by Terramagi (1168 posts) -

I did the same thing I did with Demon's Souls - buy it at release, play through the first level, put the game down for a year, and then blast the everloving shit out of it.

Bell Gargoyles to Dark Lord in 7 days.

#47 Posted by lead_farmer (1076 posts) -

@P00zombie: Good work. My copy currently sits in my pile of shame ever since I got it. Maybe I should get on that....

#48 Posted by JackOhara (233 posts) -

@MightyDuck: Give it a go, I've really never had to grind for levels. I'd say the most important thing is to play it in a methodical manner and don't try to be a hero, because the world is indifferent and will smack you down for doing so. Starting class doesn't matter as much as you might think, I can recommend both warrior and pyromancer because they start with decent gear. Experiment with different weapons!

#49 Edited by ShaggyDude (169 posts) -

Congratulations! I put Dark Souls down for months when I got stuck at the Bed of Chaos. I lost something like 200,000 souls and said "I can't take this." About a week ago I decided to man the fuck up and beat the bed of chaos (took me about 10 more attempts) and then proceeded to power through the rest of the game. The last boss fight was awesome! I found 2 co-op partners as soon as I opened the Kiln of the First Flame and we strolled in there and stomped his ass. Now I'm hooked all over again. I can't wait for the PC version because I want to start a new character knowing everything I know now.

#50 Edited by Make_Me_Mad (3214 posts) -

I think the best example of what I love about Dark Souls is that after beating the game, you can start over from the beginning, back at level 1, and proceed to carve a bloody swath of destruction across everything up to Anor Londo through the fact that by then you are just that much better at playing the game.

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