Help a spaz - Fall/jump attack? Taurus troubles...

#1 Posted by Ovenall (22 posts) -

OK, I'll say right upfront that I kind of suck at this game. I've tried killing the Taurus Demon now like 6 or 8 times. The first couple times, I executed the fall attack perfectly two times in a row and almost had him. Now for some reason, on my latest attempts I can't seem to get the fall attack from the tower to work. I jump on his head and sort of slide off slowly to the side of him without causing damage. I hit the right bumper (XBox) as well.

Do I need to have him locked on to do this right? Do I need to walk off the tower to do the attack, or do I need to run and jump? Or just run? I need to hit RB before I hit him, correct? Please explain as fully as you can because again, I am an admitted spaz who is about to throw this extremely cool and compelling game out the window. Thanks.

Also, after the first hit, I run away, turn around and dodge his attacks (sometimes). Can I block these with a shield and really high endurance? I keep getting hit even when I roll, stunned, then caught in his legs. When (if) I get away, I run back towards the ladder and he starts catching up to me. His back blocks the camera, making it really hard to climb the ladder. Holding down B to run makes moving the camera almost impossible at the same time.

Hopefully someone can explain this to me clearly. Thanks in advance.

#2 Posted by smokeyd123 (360 posts) -

Grab some firebombs from the merchant in undead burg, throw those at him, dodge and he'll go down with about 14-15 bombs. Don't even bother with the dropping attack.

#3 Posted by Donos (1225 posts) -

Make sure you;re not pressing the button too late, you can sort of start the attack then fall on them. It may be that you can only use that attack so many times before the game says "man up and fight this boss". For dodging his attacks, you shouldn't rely on rolling under them (nor with any enemy in this game). Rather, get out of range when he attacks then run in and hit him once or twice.

I have to admit, for most of the boss battles I've clawed my right hand to run the camera and hold B at once, and it makes things much easier if you can handle it.

#4 Posted by EuanDewar (5151 posts) -

Props for the use of "spaz".

#5 Posted by Ovenall (22 posts) -

Do I need to lock on to him before the fall attack? So f*** up, because I was better at this when I first attempted it...

#6 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

@Ovenall: It's really just falling and pressing the attack button. You're overthinking it I think. It's just falling and pressing R1/RB.

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@Ovenall: You shouldn't need to lock on... just make sure to hit the attack button right when you start falling, your dude will change positions then so anything you run into will get the plunge attack... don't feel like you have to do it right when you fall on the boss.

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Yea it takes about 3-4 attacks this way and it seems to be really generous in whether you fall retardedly or not because he's a biggish kinda guy. As bcjohnnie said as soon as you fall off the edge just hit the regular attack button (I'm pretty sure at this point it'll be one of the only moments where you can spam it). I lost like 3000 souls the first two times I tried to kill this guy... really depressing feeling so early in the game :P

#9 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2907 posts) -
@Ovenall: Don't feel bad, I died a bunch of times on this boss too (getting hit while climbing up the ladder is the worst, make sure you lead him kinda far away and make a break for the ladder when he's still recovering from a swing, not at the same time as you switching sides with him). Don't lock onto him and you don't need to actually roll or jump off the edge, just run off the side. As soon as you're airborne, hit fast attack. If he was positioned right you'll get the plunging attack. I did this with a battleaxe and it took off about half his HP. 
You can probably block most of his attacks if your stamina is high and you've got a Heater or better. Hollow Soldier shield is probably the best you can get for that fight. Watch out for the jump attack though, you're better off trying to roll away from that one. Try not to get too far away from him to prevent him from doing that. Seal the deal with Firebombs when he's weak.

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