help with gravelord nito

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can someone leave a summon sign in the tomb of giants near the second bonfire?

My character is soul level 65, but based on intell/dexterity/attunement, so I don't have a lot of life (i did put some points in vitality though)

I have queelag's furysword +4 and all the soul spells

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Now here is the question, are you on console version or the recently released pc version?

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@neth_khaos: Can't help ya with summoning, but here's a few tips for the soloing him:

If you have a divine weapon, you can prevent the skeleton peons from respawning, making Nito and incredibly easy boss for a decent melee build. Also, once you do, don't go further in, pull Nito back to where entered from to prevent aggroing the skeleton giants (who can also be prevented from respawning with a divine weapon if they do happen to aggro). As a dex+faith build, i was able to tank all but 2 of his attacks; he's only hard if the skeletons are there and respawning.

If that doesn't help, see if any of the tips here help:

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Thank for the tips

I'm playing on the ps3

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someone helped me, now it's done

still, thank you for the interest!

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I walked up to him, hit him repeatedly, and he died. Then again, I was using a Man-Serpent Greatsword +15 with Ornstein's Armor and soft capped strength in first playthrough. It took a couple of times, but it happened eventually.

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