Hey, any Q's about Dark Souls?

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#51 Posted by Rorie (3411 posts) -
@tarvis: No mention of it; I'm not sure how in-depth they'll be with the XBL stuff. Remember this is a Japanese developer that's coming off a PS3 exclusive game; I'm not sure if they'll bother supporting voice on XBL. We'll see, I guess!
#52 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
@Rorie said:
" @The_Laughing_Man: Pretty much, as far as I can tell.  "
Did they say anything about online? 
#53 Posted by Rorie (3411 posts) -
@Nate: Vinny asked about tutorial stuff, and they were pretty clear that it'll play out like the first game did: it should be pretty sink or swim. I plan on just playing for a few hours and then starting over, like I did with Demon's Souls. 
#54 Posted by Rorie (3411 posts) -
@The_Laughing_Man: Mostly that it should be fairly similar to the first game. I didn't do much PVP in the first game, so I didn't have many questions there. I spent most of my time in ghost form to avoid ganking. 
#55 Posted by Skytylz (4070 posts) -
@billnyethesciencepie said:
" Is it shit? "
This is truly the burning question.
#56 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
@Rorie said:
" @The_Laughing_Man: Mostly that it should be fairly similar to the first game. I didn't do much PVP in the first game, so I didn't have many questions there. I spent most of my time in ghost form to avoid ganking.  "
I saw in the collectors edition it includes both games. Does this mean games might be different? Also will Nolan north be voicing the big dragons?...Are there dragons? 
#57 Posted by Rorie (3411 posts) -
@Crocio: The armor that the guy had was much more detailed than what I remember from the first game, but then, again, I almost exclusively used one set of armor from the lady that you can kill in 1-1. 
#58 Posted by Death_Unicorn (2877 posts) -

Did you see any of the NPC's? If so, what were they like? Did they seem to play a bigger part of the story and have more dialogue?
Going forward, what was the biggest boss you saw? And are there any new weapons/weapon mechanics?

Thanks for the article Rorie! You are the best!
#59 Posted by onarum (2548 posts) -
@re4ctor said:
" Did they do any analysis of the first game to see where people were dying a lot, and giving up? Are they trying to address that? 

I don't mind challenging games, but I don't like frustrating ones.
Well, what would you do to address said "problems"? all you lost were souls, so you take that out of the equation and what is the punishment for dying? imo one of  the greatest things about the game is that you truly fear for your life, they can make it as hard as they want, but if dying is completely meaningless, as in 99% of modern games, there will no challenge.
#60 Posted by periodic (27 posts) -

Is the creepy, alien tone still there? Is it set in the same world?

#61 Posted by Rorie (3411 posts) -
@Death_Unicorn: We didn't see any NPCs, unfortunately, and they remain a big concern for me; if you wind up having to trek across an entire world to find the one lady who sells you that thing you need, I'm not sure how it's gonna work out. Also I'm not sure how the lack of a hub world will affect the sporadic escort missions in the first game; presumably you might be escorting NPCs back to a campfire. I wouldn't look for them to become a huge part of the storyline, though; I've been playing From Software games since King's Field back on the Playstation, and their NPCs have always been pretty bare-boned. 

The biggest boss we saw was in the water pit that the demo-er got knocked into. Relatively big creature that was missing a foot, causing it to hop around after the player. It had a big-ass scythe that could catch the player and spear him into the ground (basically his version of a grapple). It was pretty hard to describe, save for the fact that it was humanoid with wings. I liked the idea of enemies that you came across that might've been crippled and trapped somewhere until you stumbled across them, even if they were still pretty powerful. 
#62 Posted by Rorie (3411 posts) -
@periodic: I don't think it's set in the same world, but it's still definitely a creepy, solitary vibe. The enemy design seems a bit better, too, although we only saw a few enemies. 
#63 Edited by Brackynews (4247 posts) -

1. Can you sell or dismantle equipment / vendor trash?
(I shudder to think how many Slave's Shields (one slave, multiple shields) I'll have collected by NG+++.)
2. More types of ranged weapons?
Thanks for this Matt.

#64 Posted by Rorie (3411 posts) -
@Brackynews: Dunno and dunno, unfortunately. We didn't see any ranged weapons being used, and the guy never came across any NPCs or vendors. All of the items that he picked up were placeholders still. 
#65 Posted by mordukai (7830 posts) -

How was the combat in the game? Did it look like it was faster or did they keep that weighted feel.

Does the game still has a stamina bar?  
#66 Posted by tarvis (74 posts) -

Was any indication given as to whether or not class has any actual bearing on character progression this go around?  I don't mind being able to spend points as I see fit, but found it unfortunate that some players were under the initial impression that class had an actual bearing on play style.  Hard to shake those D&D tropes.

And thank you for the reply, Sir.  Smiley emoticon :) .

#67 Posted by Hooded (492 posts) -
@Rorie: I'm a little miffed as theres no hub world, how does it play out? Is it just one straight linar game? Where everyone will play it the same all the way through. Or is it a central area with levels branched off in different directions?

Also do you know anything about Black Phantoms in the game? (Those dudes that would glow red and kick ya ass.

Love you Rorie.
#68 Posted by WarlordPayne (710 posts) -

Do you still have the ability to switch between one and two hands on all weapons?

Was the stat screen any easier to read, or does it still have random symbols for each stat?
#69 Edited by tarvis (74 posts) -
@WarlordPayne:  Hi hello.  Rorie somewhat  tangentially touched on two handed attacks in an earlier reply.  Michael McWhertor, in the comment linked Kotaku article, confirmed that you can switch between wielding a weapon one handed and two handed in Dark Souls.  In the same article he wrote that, "It appears that the confusing runes that indicated a player's strength, dexterity, faith, luck and more have been replaced by more easily understood icons." 
#70 Posted by WarlordPayne (710 posts) -
@tarvis: Thanks, I've been avoiding Kotaku lately so I missed that article.
#71 Posted by Rieter (22 posts) -

I suppose my main question would be in regards to multiplayer. While I loved Demons Souls, I hated the convoluted multiplayer, all I wanted to do was join a game with my friend and go to town. What, if any, information about multiplayer were you provided?

#72 Posted by Ramone (3078 posts) -

I would love a game with Demon's Souls combat and a proper RPG story but I doubt that's what this is going to be. Anyway good write up Matt, you and Vinny seem to be the only ones who care about Demon's/Dark souls

#73 Posted by Grissefar (2905 posts) -
@Rorie said:
" So the guys from Namco Bandai dropped by to show off a bit of Dark Souls yesterday "
Thanks for the write up, Matt! Did it seem like the insanity system is going to replace the World Tendency stuff in terms of hidden areas and special events?
#74 Posted by Filthy_Man_DF (8 posts) -

How was the voice acting?

#75 Posted by ArchTeckGuru8 (239 posts) -

I cannot wait for this game.  But i really hope that this time around I have some chance to beat at least 3 levels without a wiki.

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