How does it compare to the original Demon's Souls?

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I've almost finished Dark Souls (up to the final boss fight, just doing some other side stuff now), but I feel as though I've overloaded on Dark Souls and don't really feel up to doing a NG+ (perhaps later). I do kind of want to try out Demon's Souls, but am wondering if there were mechanics in Demon's Souls that sent people up the wall out of frustration that were fixed in Dark Souls?

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@adequatelyprepared: There are some mechanics that were changed in Dark Souls(encumbrance, the effects of humanity, and healing, for example), but really, they're just markers of being different over necessarily being worse. Going to Demon's Souls from Dark Souls is not a difficult transition, and you'll get used to its quirks in no time.

A lot of fans can probably give you a huge rundown of every difference, but you're better off just seeing it as a slightly different Souls game. It's actually more similar to Dark Souls than a lot of people think when they hear about it. Just give it a shot!

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I found the transition to be fairly smooth since my starting weapon in Demon's Souls had the same attack animations as my finishing weapon in Dark Souls. They aren't that different in any aspect.

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Have your heard about Deep down for ps4? It looks like Dark souls too. I am waiting for my ps4. I bought this game))

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DMS has a faster feel and has generic, unlimited healing items versus the more structured estrus system. It is also "darker" and more linear, whereas DKS to me seems a little more fantastical and Metroidvania inspired.

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Prepare to be disappointed, if you want it to be the same game. I don't have any insight, but the arcade feel of the combating videos and the free to play nature of DD make me really skeptical. DD could still end up being good, but it'll probably be in ways other than Souls.

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@adequatelyprepared: Combat wise its mostly the same. Although in Demons's souls there isn't a dropping attack nor can you jump. There is also the change that to heal you're actively using finite healing consumables instead of a flask with infinite refills. Other big changes are obviously the world tendency system also as far as I remember there are no covenants either in Demon's Souls.

On the bright side there are way more things you can do with the boss souls. You can create weapons or you can also trade boss souls for exclusive spells you can't get any other way to a specific NPC you can save later on.

Also, no checkpoints. You respawn at archstones and the only archstones that appear are new boss rooms when you kill a new boss.

Id give it a go but also keep in mind Dark Souls II is coming out and if you dont want to burn yourself out on souls games you might also want to wait until sometime in the summer. Play it though

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If I were to make an analogy: Demon's Souls is to Diablo II as to what Dark Souls is to Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Both games are similar enough, but the successor includes miniscule changes to the game that ultimately make it a bit more different.

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Thanks for the great responses guys, if I see it, I'll buy it, but I'm thinking of picking up Dragon's Dogma instead to scratch that Action-RPG itch, at least until Dark Souls II comes out (Or KH 2.5 HD Remix).

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The world tendency system is the main really stupid thing in Demon's Souls that isn't in Dark Souls; so just look it up (though if you're playing online it doesn't really matter). Everything else is pretty straightforward.

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