How much space will Dark Souls Prepare To Die on pc take up?

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4 gigs dude.

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3897 MB according to Steam. so, yea, like 4 Gigs basically.

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I have never seen a game on steam that has a big fat notice saying: Xbox 360 controller or something close to it is recommended! Are the KB/M controls really that bad?

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@oscar__explosion: The game is playable with KB/M, but since it was designed with a gamepad in mind it does not work very good. It makes use of every button on the pad, some of which you have to press at the same time or in rapid, precisely timed succession during combat. You have four core combat buttons, two for your left hand and two for the right hand (bumpers and triggers on a gamepad). An additional thing is the movement speed. You need to be able to vary it, which you can do easily with the analog stick. All these things make it difficult with KB/M.

Think about it like a sports game. You could play a game like FIFA 13 or NBA 2K with KB/M, but you most likely won't get the best experience out of it and won't be able to execute all the moves and possibilities the game gives you.

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