How to pvp at a low level?

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I'm around level 25, and I have no idea how to pk other than the 4 cracked red orbs in firelink. How would I go about obtaining what I need to pvp?

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@xxchaoticsxx: To use the Cracked Red Eye Orb you have to be in human form.

To be in human form you must have 1 Humanity, go to any bonfire and "Reverse Hollowing"

Now you will want to look at the level ranges for co-op and use the Cracked Red Eye Orbs there.

Since you are such a low level you will likely run into high level gankers who are just there to be cunts, I suggest buying as many firebombs as you can from the Undead Merchant, 50 souls a pop and around 100 damage to someone around your level.

My biggest tip though is to visit and go to their PvP section in the forums, look at builds and ask around.

You are too low a level to consider PvP in my opinion but definitely give it a shot with those Cracked Red Eye Orbs for a taster of what's to come!

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