I choose you, Pyromancer!

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As stated in the title I chose to go with the pyromancer class. I am in blighttown right now, and not really doing too bad. The main thing I am concerned with is my stats. I basically want my character to have Str/vit/end, however i need to have more attunement slots, as well as higher spell damage. Does int increase my spell damage? Can I ignore it completely? I really don't want to mess my first character up.

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Ignore int unless you plan on picking up sorcery. It won't help your spell damage. You increase pyromancy damage by upgrading your flame at the trainer.

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Pyromancy is not affected by INT or Faith.

Just make sure you have what number of slots you want and plug points into VIT/END/STR

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That seems a little OP. :O

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You can ignore int 100%. The only thing you can do to increase pyro damage is upgrade the catalyst. All int does is increase melee damage on your catalyst which is useless.

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@fooorkz: Well pyromancy isn't quite as flexible as sorcery or faith from what i've seen. It does it's job for a hybrid setup though. The only arguable issue with it is that I really haven't seen a reason for any build to not pick up pyromancy to some extent. You get the flame as long as you save the trainer, and it just takes some souls to make any build have powerful pyro spells. The only limitation is how many slots you're willing to put points towards.

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Pyromancy spells are pretty slow and don't have very good range compared to the sorceries. I think it might balance out overall. Also it seems like the pyro spells are much more limited in uses.

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