I made a wallpaper.

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Felt inspired. Small tribute to Solaire of Astora & Dark Souls in general. Feel free to use...

EDIT: This is 1680x1050. If anyone wants I'm willing to upload different sizes...

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Those are some fine gradients at work. Nice and smooth in the transitions. Text could be smaller.

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Lose the Dutch tilt.

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@humanity: I agree, text is better smaller. About the transitions: actually the photo is a 100% crop from a nasa picture (view form the ISS), I can't take any credit for that outside of recognising it ;)

@evo: Will not lose! Horizontal would be dull and boring, less would be better though.

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If you made this in 1920x1080 I would love you long time.

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@studsmckewl: Here you go, my pleasure. But euhm, no need for love long-lasting lest it be long-distance...

Also, as you can see it is slightly less tilt and smaller type, but all the more lovely.

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