I really want some extended fiction of the "souls" universe.

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The atmosphere in the world is so great and there could be a lot of great stories to tell.   Every time I turn the game on and play I just want to stay in that world.  Its so great.     Would anyone else be down for  some sort of extended fiction  in the form of  books/comics  or something?

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I think thats a part of DS' charm. The fact that once you've beaten it, it almost as much a mystery, and completely foreign to you as when you started.

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Dark Souls audiobook.

#4 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11497 posts) -

@LordXavierBritish said:

Dark Souls audiobook.

Voiced by Nolan North.

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I would like some fiction in the game. Let alone in a book.

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I would very much love some Souls extended fiction. Rather not have a comic though. Never been a fan. Give me a book...

...or better yet...

@MooseyMcMan said:

@LordXavierBritish said:

Dark Souls audiobook.

Voiced by Nolan North.

Please make it so.

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@DaemonBlack: There's actually a surprising amount of lore in the game, just not delivered in the most obvious or conventional of ways.
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@Turambar said:

@DaemonBlack: There's actually a surprising amount of lore in the game, just not delivered in the most obvious or conventional of ways.

This too. Fraampt basically tells you what the endgame is the first time you talk to him. A lot of the NPCs actually tell you cool and important shit if you listen.

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I kinda hope for it too. But I guess what makes the Souls game so worth going back to is the minimalist narrative that encourages the player to fill in the blanks. It's meant to be simple and  shrouded in eternal mystery.

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There's not really a souls universe per say. The only real holdovers from Demons is the currency and patches, so basically Gil and Chocobos. But I understand what you're getting at, some more stories by this team would be much appreciated.

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"The Many, Many, MANY, Seriously... MANY Deaths of Nameless Undead Player #653: A Dark Souls Joint"

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"There was a medieval country and slowly things went to shit."

To actually contribute to this thread, I do find it very refreshing to have an extremely understated (but contiguous) story to a game, so I'd like if in future games they started blending in a little more Half Life-style inferred story. Nothing more, though.

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Demon's Souls was the same way. One of my favourite things in that game was piecing together the story from talking to NPCs and descriptions on weapons, armour (and spells?). There actually is a lot of lore you just have to seek it out. So far it is looking like Dark Souls is following a similar path and I am already excited for my second playthrough to help flesh out the lore some more.

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Speaking of which, given how fucked up the Forest covenant pvp is currently, does anyone wanna post exactly what Aveline says about Sif when you get to +3 in that covenant?  I'm pretty sure I won't see it occur naturally in the game, ever.

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I don't like extended fiction, so I disagree.

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Following in the footsteps of the Soul's universe, write fan fiction.

#17 Posted by JackSukeru (5993 posts) -

@NekuCTR: More like gil and Cid, in that case ^^

I love listening to NPC's in this game. Also, people from Carim are dicks.

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@TomA said:

Following in the footsteps of the Soul's universe, write fan fiction.

Or make a compendium of compiled information. Seriously, this Demon's Souls lore compendium is a really interesting read. It really has a great fiction and it's all told through item descriptions, NPC dialogues, enemy dialogue, world descriptions, etc.


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