I was invaded by the coolest maniac. (PC)

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I was just invaded by the oddest guy/character. He was wearing the full set of Chester's armor/clothes. Was wielding a great dragon axe and a tower shield. (I assuem this dude was hacked up from how nible he moved with this equipment, how he moved and his health)

He invades, walks right up to me without a care in the world. No guard or anything. I bow. He does a shoulder shrug. I take a step back. He stands still. I attack. He takes it. And takes it. Rolls around like a moron for a while. Lets me back stab him a few times. I can't kill him. He has so much damn health. And he keeps healing. But he wont attack me. This is in the bonfire room in Anor Londo after the archers. He then goes out into the hallway, closes the door behind him. I try to summon some one, but it keeps failing (summoning for co-op in anor londo on pc is the worst). I then go out into the hallway. He is just doing cartwheels up and down. I attack. He stops, backs up, does a shoulder shrug. Then runs over to the black night and stands there. So I wait for him to come back over to me. Which he eventually does. He then drops and item. Points down to it and steps back. I slowly walk over. Pick it up. Its a soul of a proud knight (2k). So I bow. He then turns, points at the other door and enters the room. I follow. He then points to the silver knight. Then does a joy. So I attack and kill the silver knight. The whole time I am fighting the silver knight, he is doing the joy and praise the sun things. And every once in a while doing cartwheels and back flips.

After I killed the silver knight, he bows. Drops two items. Steps back out into the hallway. I pick them up. Two souls of a brave warrior. (5k each) I go out into the hallway and he points to the black knight. Same thing. I fight while he dances and cheers me on. After I kill him he drops two more brave warrior souls. Then he opens the door to the room with the titanite demon. But stands in the door way, and does a waving motion. So I walk over. He then bows. drops a dagger. And keeps doing a shoulder shrug. So I equip the dagger. He then does the joy and moves out of the door way. So I enter to fight. I almost beat it with the dagger. But I ran out of estus flasks and it narrowly beat me. I started that fight with two. I almost had it. So, so close.

As I am dying he starts doing more shoulder shrugs. At this point I realized as the load screen was coming up that I didn't rest at the bonfire. I hadn't had time to use the bonfire when he invaded. I didn't even light it. So I went all the way back to the one before the archers. Such a bummer. But that was the coolest invasion I have ever encountered. So odd, but pretty fun. And I can't remember his name either.

All the time I put in on the PS3 and 360 with this game, probably well over 800 hours, that was a first. I fucking love this game.

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That's golden, Sterling ;)

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Nice I had a similar experience the first time i ever played this game...at the time I didn't realize how awesome it was.

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You can look up the players met list in GFWL to see who it was.

It's a pretty cool story but it doesn't beat the guy who invaded Patrick just to give him a dung pie.

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hehe, funny, so do you think he has a hacked stats or something? A friend of mine said he fought a few invaders in Anor Londo that were impossible to kill.

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@crithon: I think had to have been. With being able to invade my level of character, and the amount of health he had. I took over 500 points off him at one point during an attack as I inflicted bleed. And it was only a tiny tiny fraction of his health bar. But what ever I guess. He wasn't being a jackass and just smother people. He was having fun, giving people a funny/odd experience. But yea, after reading about anor londo after this I see many many people play the PC version with hacked characters. Which is too bad.

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@sterling: Yup, you had an outstanding guy just looking for fun. But yeah, this is why Dark Souls 2 on PC is going to take a while.

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Looks like Vinny is out trolling again.

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Awesome story.

I love Dark Souls pvp. Its so strange.

I was invaded in the painted world at soul level 120 (NG+) and I headed back to the bonefire so the difficulty of getting my souls back would be lessened should I lose the fight. When I finally see then they are using some junk spear, rags for armor, and the mask of the child. I killed them without much effort obviously. So I spent the rest of the time in the painted world trying to figure out how someone with 120ish SL had such terrible gear.

I haven't run into any hacker invaders on the PC version but it sounds like a real problem. I hope that's solved for Dark Souls 2.

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I lead people on like that and then dark hand or kill them once I gain their trust.

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Whenever I invade, and the person makes it clear that they don't want to fight, I'll just jump off a cliff. Really get no pleasure out of ruining someones day, and fair fights are so, so much funner.

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Very cool..at least you got to keep all the stuff he dropped. I'm new to DkS and just had my first invasion tonight. My invader bailed, though. Wherever you are JagoFettNZ, you're welcome to try me anytime! I'm waiting!

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@slaegar said:
So I spent the rest of the time in the painted world trying to figure out how someone with 120ish SL had such terrible gear.

It's possible they were actually a low-level player with little experience invading. When you invade with a Cracked Red Eye Orb, there is no upper limit to the level of hosts you can invade, so a player at level 40, for instance, could invade anyone from level 36 (their level -10%) up to level 713 (max level).

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@savage: Cracked has the limit both ways I think. The Red Eye Orb, which is the Darkwraith covenant item, allows up to max level. I'm pretty sure cracked follows the same rules as summoning for co-op.

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Pretty lucky. I get invaded by soul level 450 people who are just trolling at this point, lol.

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On PS3 I had a similar situation in the forest (main PVP area). I summoned a white phantom for help and it was a dude with infinite health, full Havel, and he kept flipping around, only stopping to completely obliterate any invaders. I felt a little bad for letting him kill like 20 dudes and netting me probably 2 million souls, buuttt... come on, I wasn't going to just kill myself and not witness the craziness. Near the end of the madness he dropped me two Crystal Straight Swords that were just named "???????" and had like 1200 attack power, but I of course couldn't repair them (crystal weapons) so after I used them a bit (only against normal NPC enemies) I discarded them.

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Sounds like a great reason not to play on PC. If such dudes with hacked characters wanted to ruin the game for you, they so easily could.

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At least you didn't come across GrimDisaster...

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At least you didn't come across GrimDisaster...

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I want this to happen to me :(

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@savage: I guess it was just the % for under that was the difference. 10 vs 20. Its been a while since I looked at all that. Thanks for the wiki link.

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