in NG+ need help with arostin and smough.

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i have been on this part for awhile now. i had lots of humanity. and i kept summoning soliar but he is really no help but he would be if i can kill one off fast enough then he can distract one and attack the shit out of them. ok this is what i have i have a zewihander +10 and +4 eltric but thats no help but i have a gravelord sword +5 and it does a lot to them. and i need some humanity i am a lvl 83 with dex,endurance,strength and vitality to +30 or just a lil lover but most 30. and i have havels armor i have a lot of sets i just need one more thing and thats twinkling titanate that is one other thing i need help with were can i farm that and humanity i want to do my dark knight set. also i use dark knight shield +2 i have est-us +7 i am pretty good at this game. i did better than what i thought i would. so any of ur help would be great and no i do not have DLC i am getting here soon tho i hope i cant wait to do that and i am making another account. what would be a good way to beat them 2 and no i do not have INTERNET but i might see if i can use it long enough to summon a player and beat them. i normally use iron flesh and attack them fast and i hear there is away to kill them fast with pyromacing. but i have 2 attunment slots and i use steel of protection ring and the ring of favor and protection.. i don't think u need anymore info if u do just ask and i will try to say what i have but i do not have my system right now i am at my moms and i will be at my dads here soon but i want to get threw them they will be my only challenge. its just really hard with 2 on 1 and the summon kinda does not help he is pretty weak. and i do not have the sorseour i killed him didn't mean to i was saving him and i pressed the attack and hit him. also i am in the dragon convent i don't think thats important but i will wrap this up here. and i am only 16 sorry if i miss spelled somethings i just want to get threw them. i love this game and i do not want to quit because i can not beat something i just need so tips and advice and were i can get twinkling titanate and humanity. stupid humanity lol but thank u guys. please help me out. and also my key Bord is all messed up if things are a lil messed up thats why

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You should really edit your post

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better. now please help me

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You can get more humanity from killing rats in the depths, but that is quite the walk just to get more. I think with what you have, you should be able to beat them on your own.

Standing still and hitting with Iron flesh is very hard for this boss. A general tactic for a slower character would be to walk backwards with your shield up and try to get them to separate. When you get one of them alone, wait for a window to attack. Usually immediately after blocking/dodging one of their hits. Just always keep in mind that Ornstein can leap at you from far away, so hide behind pillars to heal, or to get cheap hits in on Smough.

One thing to note is that summoning Solaire increases the HP of the boss, making them take longer to kill. Doing it alone makes tanking a little more viable since you will deal more damage overall to them while taking hits.

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One hint I'll give as to the actual boss fight and not where to find materials is:

That if you haven't yet used Quelaag's soul for anything, you can forge a boss soul weapon that deals fire damage, which takes some getting used to using but will deal more damage. I never used it because I was so used to the pattern on my personal weapon (the Iato at the time).

That fight is killer difficult regardless. My personal method of attack was trying my best to coax Solaire into going after Smough and Ornstein to follow me away to separate them. I could clock Ornstein rather quickly (but I also had Crystal Magic Weapon which shreds everything), and I found that the resulting combo boss (when one absorbs the other power) was much easier to deal with in a 1 on 1 (or 2 on one if Solaire survived long enough) when it was the souped-up Smough. Then it was a matter of getting in close and learning when to run like hell during that ground-pound attack. Try to mess with Smough's hammer lunge by getting a pillar between you and him, then pummel him when he's staggered.

Sorry if that's too specific. I don't want to ruin the "fun" and like I said, it's still just a pain in the ass fight no matter what.

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ok thank u and i lost my other account so this is snuffy i will try to get back in that. but i just need to find a place to get twinkling titanate. thank u and i hear about making something out of quelougs soul that if u make it like +5 its really good for this boss. i dont think i spelled her name right. but thank u for the help. and idk about the walk i want to beat this idc i want past this part before i quit. but then i will make a new one so i wil never stop playing i love this game to much.

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