Jeff Green plays Dark Souls [Updated with parts 30 - 33]

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#151 Posted by Humanity (13437 posts) -

HA! , now @patrickklepek is the only other person i would like to play DS.

It only took two months for your wildest dreams to come true.

#152 Posted by Timing (634 posts) -

The unthinkable happened last night.

Ornstein & Smough defeated! Solo! Seriously.

Twitch link for now.

#153 Posted by ButIShootFromThere (16 posts) -
#154 Posted by golguin (5008 posts) -

Yeah, that was an awesome moment after so many tries. Also, his expert use of binoculars was hilarious.

It was very good. Lots of people in the chat were telling Jeff to play the Tank build like an actual tank (he kept trying to run away without healing) and he finally pulled through. The binoculars bit was pretty funny.

#155 Posted by ToastMan (141 posts) -

For those of you who haven't been following, Jeff is one stream away from finishing the game. He said he's going to stream some time today, so follow his twitter for when exactly it would be.

#156 Edited by Lukeweizer (3246 posts) -
#157 Posted by TheBlue (829 posts) -

T-minus 30 minutes until Jeff's stream for all those interested. In the words of the Dark Lord,

#158 Edited by ThunderSlash (2575 posts) -

Holy shit Jeff is learning how to parry Gwyn.


#159 Edited by Blair (2568 posts) -

Bravo Jeff!

Giant Bomb needs him on staff. Pay this wonderful saint of a man.

#160 Posted by golguin (5008 posts) -

The run is over. It's time to prepare for the Jeff Green Dark Souls 2: Electric Boogaloo.

#161 Edited by PollySMPS (261 posts) -

I could be mistaken, but I could swear Jeff was tearing up there when the credits theme started rolling.

#162 Posted by Lukeweizer (3246 posts) -

This whole playthrough was amazing. If my girlfriend didn't care about cable TV, I would've cancelled it a long time ago and just watched Jeff all the time. This was THAT entertaining. Can't wait to see Jeff play anything else.

#163 Posted by golguin (5008 posts) -

I could be mistaken, but I could swear Jeff was tearing up there when the credits theme started rolling.

He said he was and you could see it in the video.

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