LFG Gwynslayers SL80 (PC)

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I didn't save Solaire, and I suck at parrying, so I can't beat Gwyn. I want to move on to NG+ already, not polish my Gwyn strategies with another 50+ attempts. Plus I already murdered all the NPCs so it's a pretty lonely world.

The only summons I get in the area are invasions, so fuck that, let's schedule some jolly co-op.

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I never parry him or play with a phantom. I wish parries didn't work on him.

Anyway, I'm halfway through my newest character, so I might be able to help tomorrow or the day after. I'm up for any other bosses too. I want to get the Sunlight miracles for all my characters before GFWL shuts down or before I pack up my computer parts and move, but no one ever summons me.

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@ezekiel: Cool cool. PM me here or on my twitter (@seekul). Glad to help a Sunbro! I have a <40 character too.

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Still looking for some help with this in my timezone! (UTC-6, CST) Life has been crazybad, but long weekend coming up! woo

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I have a character at around your level that could help you. I would have to spend some time getting to Gwyn (I think I still have to beat the Bed of Chaos and Four Kings), but I could get there relativity quickly if we commit. I'm on EST though.

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oh man why did i find this now. i just beat Gwyn around level 80...

what kind of build do you have? he wasn't to though for a man in Havels armour and a giant club!

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If you suck at parrying, practice against the Hollow Soldiers and Baldur Knights in the Undead Parish. By now you should have enough HP and defense to take a few hits without dying, so the risk of missing a parry is small. Once you're able to parry against these guys you're ready to take on Gwyn. I find the second swing of his combos easier to parry than the first, so I usually block the first swing and parry the second. You'll have enough time to drink some Estus after the riposte while Gwyn is getting back up. If Gwyn does his grab move, roll backward to evade.

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@brackynews: You haven't actually said what platform you're on.

If you're really having trouble, put on full Havels or Giants armor with the wolf ring so you can at least take a couple of hits and not get staggered while chugging down some estus. He has an annoying grab attack that is telegraphed and can be rolled away from, and an irritating hop to the side, but really the quickest and easiest way is just parry parry parry. Also having one point of humanity burned provides a significant bonus to all defenses.

Yes, he is a poor final boss.

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For Gwyn there are two easy tactics to use.

First is the "high risk, high reward" method of parrying. It might take a few tries to get the timing down, but after that he becomes trivial.

The "slow and steady" method is to block, roll and avoid him until he goes for the grab. The grab is easy to avoid and leaves him open for pretty much risk free attack.

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@soldierg654342: EST is cool. Again I'll see a @mention on twitter faster than just about anything., but you can PM me to schedule proper.

@dudeglove: Title. ;) Thanks for the humanity tip.

@shikon: This is a strength/faith build, and yes I could go full ironflesh Havel and Dragon's Tooth, but I probably have already. I've done this well over 40 times a dozen different ways before I even thought about getting help. Whatever I'm not doing right, regardless of the equipment, I'm not learning from it, and I'm not too proud to admit I'm tired.

But shit let's try it again and see what happens. Edit: Nope. Got 3 hits in with a Dragon's Tooth +4 for just 900 health total before he nailed me. Yes I could roll. Yes I could poise through attacks to heal with my +6 flask. Yes I have Ring of F&P. No the ironflesh didn't run out. No I don't need to dissect this shit anymore, it's time to move on. ;p

@hacksword: More specifically I suck at parrying Gwyn, but thanks.

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@brackynews: oh you're PC? I still have to do Nito and B of C (possibly Seath too), and im around soul level 75, so there's a chance I could help you with him

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@dudeglove: Cool gloveduder. I'll just keep posting here until it actually works out with some kind soul, and then lock the thread proper.

Aside from the contact info above, my actual GFWL is "AutomaticOcelot" (make sure it's exact). I'm totally willing to install that GFWL friends mod, or whatever its successor may be. @ezekiel: @soldierg654342:

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@brackynews: I sent you a friend request. I'm RomeoBravoDelta. Well get something sorted out if you don't find someone else first.

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All done! Also apparently I was level 90? Thanks everybody.

Double the props to SG65 for letting me save-scum my way back to get both endgame achievements. That is a man to be relied upon. If there wasn't a time crunch for their oblivion I would've done it proper (and I do plan to be a DarkWraith NG+), but all's fair in love and points.

Especially if nobody manages to hack the saves into working without GFWL. Whatta world...

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Locking at the request of the poster.


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