Logan needs to take a chill pill...

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Hey, I'm on my first play-through, taking my time, but enjoying the game a lot. Was going through Sen's Fortress and when I was trying to free Logan I accidentally hit the right bumper instead of A and hit him. I freed him after, but as I'm sure the more experienced players among you will know, he was still a bit upset. I let him kill me and when I went to pick up my stain he was still there and I let him kill me again. I haven't seen him spawn at Firelink Shrine yet, so I suspect that at least until I clear the end boss of sen's he's going to stay there.

Basically how can I get Logan to stop trying to murder me over a silly little mistake as it would be a shame if my sorcerer character was unable to buy any end game sorceries.

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You need to talk to the creepy priest dude at the church bell tower.

He'll absolve your sins for a fee, which is (I think) your soul level x 500.

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I was reading on some forums it's sl x 2000 which is pretty ridiculous as I'm already a ludicrous sl 55.

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Thats a lot more reasonable.

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If you kill Logan you get his sweet floppy hat!

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