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Just started playing Dark Souls II and really enjoying it. I only got about ten hours into Dark Souls so never got too deep, and recently found out I was now entirely unable to play my copy because of GFWL, so I can't go back and experience the lore that way. I've been looking around for a good primer on the entirety of the lore from the original game but haven't really found much that goes as in-depth as I'd like in a clear way; I began watching VaatiVidya's excellent videos but they seem to focus on a small element each, rather than starting with the basic story and then filling all that out either along the way or after. Does anyone know where I might find something like this? I kinda assumed a post like this would already exist, but I did a forum search that turned up nothing.

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@gunslingerpanda: What error message do you get from Gfwl? I played Dark Souls yesterday and it updated and worked fine. I would recommend EpicNameBro's Youtube channel for Souls lore, he has a playlist with a plot synopsis and many in depth videos here:


Quelaag's videos are also filled with information:


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VaatiVidya's channel on YouTube is more condensed and easy to digest than ENB's lengthy videos. The various Ten Things... vids out there are also pretty good for some lore tidbits, as is TerraMantis' stuff on Manus and Paladin Leeroy etc.

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If you want a proper summary, check out ENBs videos. He's a little rambly, but he's the one that helped me get a grasp on the whole thing.

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@gunslingerpanda: What error message do you get from Gfwl? I played Dark Souls yesterday and it updated and worked fine.

It's not an error message, it's just that game is attached to my Live account which I no longer have access to and I can't play the game at all without doing so despite steam verifying my purchase. tl;dr: GFWL is fucking stupid. Doesn't matter, though, I'm happy to skip 1 and go straight to 2.

Thanks for the videos everyone, I'll eat them up today.

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