My build: does it need adjustment?

#1 Posted by Karahaut (4 posts) -

This is my first time making a build after buying this game last Friday. I've been experimenting and doing plenty of trial and error. I've decided that I want to try and score the Silver Knight Straight Sword as my main weapon, and for armor, The Elite Knight Armor set looks nice. Since I already know that the armor is easy to get, it's the matter of getting the weapon later on... which shouldn't be TOO difficult. In any case, I'm about level 14 as I started as a Pyromancer; my stats meet up for the Drake Sword and VIT is at about 16. I'm planning on pumping dexterity to 22 for the sword, and everything else will go into VIT and END as I see fit. I'm planning for SL 120 PvP later on...

As the title says, how does this look so far? Am I being too hasteful or anything? Give me some criticism/opinions, please!

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Sounds pretty decent. I roll with havel's armor, ornsteins leggings, gloves and mask of the child. Chaos washing pole +5. Flip ring and hornets ring for PVP and pve. Its all about how you use it, man.

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Good to see it isn't looking so bad. I'll probably pick up Havel Ring if ican; last time I met him he demolished me.

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Might be useful to know what weapons scale with certain stats. You may have read that the drake sword doesn't scale with anything at all, so keep that in mind when looking for your desired weapon. Spears and rapiers tend to fair much better with higher dex, as they are lighter weapons built for speed, hence dexterity. Compare that to greatswords and heavy axes which scale with strength/endurance. Don't neglect one stat or the other too much but keep them in mind when levelling. Also, know what works for you and what you have become accustomed to, therefore you wont fret when you have too many items to level up with material/souls etc.

Match all that with the right armour and rings, Havels ring is a must if you're planning to sprint around with a large sword and heavy armour, as most players rock with it in pvp, where as the ninja-flip ring and defense buff rings fair better with lighter builds built for pure dodging and magic focused builds. There are two web based wikis that tell all but if you want to refrain from that for realism it's down to you.

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Are you on ps3 or xbox? I have a few silver knight swords in my inventory and can give you one. I'm on ps3 and my psn is green_lntrn_2814. I'm level 20.

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You might find yourself getting better at the game not using the Drake Sword, additionally there's not much else that needs that much Dex that's worth a damn (one of the BK weapons is all I can think of). Heavy Vit and Endurance is a safe bet, but also a pretty boring/easy way to play all things considered.

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