Need help with Four King NG+

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Hey guys, my build is a level 20 toon and I'm on NG+ trying to beat the four kings. I've tried about 30 times now and as close as I've gotten to beaten these (expletive) is getting the health bar down halfway. Just wondering if there is someone here near my level on the ps3 that might be willing to help me out. I've been using a +9 Flame Zweihander (two-handed) with +5 black iron armor, +5 black iron leggings, and +5 black iron gloves, with a mask of the child. I also have a +5 crest shield to block the initial magic attack and a +14 grass crest shield to switch to for stamina regen. PSN is green_lntrn_2814 if anybody is willing to help.

#2 Posted by AndyD74 (169 posts) -

Another question I have is how do you avoid the grab attack? He gets me EVERY time!

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@AndyD74: Summoning will double the stats on the Kings, making it far harder. (yes...this fight can be even harder, the devs are pure evil)

The grab attack is avoidable with 2 backflips or 2 well timed backwards rolls, the rolls need to be better timed as they have recovery unlike the flips.

All I can really say as to why you can't beat them is....dude its NG+ and you're level 20?! Stack some stats on and level up! Kings is possible a regular game at just level 1 but outside of that they'll steamroll anything.

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Good news. I summoned a guy named BVGALRIA_extreme, or something like that, and also summoned Beatrice. After about 20 tries, we finally beat those mofos. It's hard to find help at my level, but thankfully this guy was there. He showed me a shortcut from New Londo that I didn't know about. After you've drained the water, you can jump down where the second corpse in a vase is (that gives you transient curse). We also traded tons of items, it was really enjoyable. I ranged the kings with my +5 lightning avelyn and lightning bolts while he tanked them with a giant's fire halberd. He was dodging the attacks like crazy, I still don't know how he did it. Beatrice, well I'm not sure what she did, lol.

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Put the heaviest armor, iron flesh, and just lay into them. Worked for me!

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I tried laying into them with all I had, but I could never avoid their grab move and most of the time their AoE attack hit me as well. I would try to heal but most of the time I wasn't quick enough to avoid their attack after getting up off the ground. When we finally beat them, we were able to kill each one before the other made their appearance. The guy I summoned had light armor on and could dodge the attacks while I sat back and range-attacked them with my avelyn. I guess Beatrice hit them too with her sorcery, but if I wasn't close enough for her range attack, she would just sit by me and do nothing.

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After about 20 attempts at the 4 kings on new game++ I finally won. I was having the hardest time with either summoning two phantoms, or a phantom and Beatrice. Most of the time the summoned phantoms would just cast lightning at the first king which does not do enough damage for the time it takes. And as other posters on the forum have mentioned, Beatrice does nothing but die during the fight. So here is what I did. First, go alone to the fight. As others have stated summoning anyone will buff the king's hp considerably. Second, I used great magic barrier. The kings magic beam barely damaged me and it seemed that their grab attack only damaged me about half the time. Third, two hand your weapon. Do it. Heal between kings, or when necessary. Once you attempt this fight a couple of times it will feel as easy at your first run through.

My stats: sl 155, elite knight torso +9 and gauntlets +5, Havel's helm, silver knight legs +5 , crystal ring shield, lightning zweihander +5.

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