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So this is my first playthrough of this game and I never played Demon souls. I just got to the first blacksmith at the cathedral and I am curious if I should be upgrading my longsword or not (started a warrior). Been trying to read up on what weapons scale and what people feel are great weapons and such but I am doing only PvE (I don't have xboxlive anymore so I shouldn't be able to be invaded). I really enjoy the thrust heavy swing attack that the longsword has but if there is a different weapon class I should be using than I would love to be suggested what to use. I also didn't kill the bridge dragon for the drake sword because I read enough to learn that it isn't all that great and fools players into thinking they found the win stick or something. Also I am pretty much going sword and board the entire time. I don't really do the two hand stuff and I seem to have horrible timing with dodging because a lot of the time the enemies/bosses auto correct as I am dodging. Hopefully with all this info someone will have some insight to give me :)

Current stats: Vit 16, End 15, Str 16, Dex 13 (got enough to level up like 3-4 more times if needed)

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My advice is to buy up as many weapons as you can from venders and test out all of their movesets. That weapon stats are not as important as how it feels to use them because they can all become powerfully when fully upgraded. You don't really need to worry about upgrading a weapon that you might not use later because you can buy or farm most of the upgrading material so you can upgrade whatever you like.

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Use the weapon you enjoy and upgrade it all the way (as well as stating towards it). There is really nothing better to do than that in these games.

If you want to research what other weapons are like the Dark Souls Wiki is the place to start.

Every time I see someone play this for the first time they seem to think they can mess up stats or weapons. Trust me, you can't. Just commit to your play style and you'll be fine.

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You can't really go wrong with the long sword, especially with a generalized build like that. It has decent range, a good thrusting attack which is handy in tight corridors, and pretty decent damage. You're sort of at a crossroads, you can put more points towards str and wield heavy weapons, or go dex and use a katana or great scythe. Both options would outpace the long sword ultimately, but you could totally finish the game with it if you like that much.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I have been doing to that wiki corn its been really helpful to look up items seeing as even in darksouls so much is just left up to using it and see what it gets you. Also I have been thinking of going with a dex weapon because I don't think I want to go total str build because I don't want a slow powerful weapon ... I like the longsword so far because I can get my strikes in and still get my shield up quickly.

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Some weapons also take advantage of Str and Dex equally (such weapons are often nicknamed "quality" weapons). One option to keep in mind is that you could level up your Str/Dex enough to meet the stat requirements on gear as you find it, but not worry about stat scaling so much for the first half of the game. You'll get more damage out of upgrading your weapons as highly as you can than you will out of stat scaling until you get late in the game, where your stats can get pretty high and upgraded weapons will have improved scaling grades, like A or S. If you're ever not sure what stat to level up, but you have souls you want to spend so you don't risk losing them, it's never a waste to level up Vit or End.

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Some of the best gear in the game, the knight armour, elite knight armour, grass crest shield and black knight halberd are all in darkroot garden, which is just beyond the large demon by the black smith. As far as the enemies always correcting for your dodges, that's just you dodging a tad too early. And here's a quick tip for parrying; look at the hand that is attacking and not the weapon.

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