New player | Feel really weak, do I need to reroll?

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Hi, I've been playing a couple of weeks now and got to grips with the mechanics. I've read loads of beginner guides and hints bu tI'm at a stage where I feel really underpowered. Half of the things mentioned I haven't come across. My build so far is:

Lvl-20, Wanderer, VIT-15, END-15, STR-14, DEX-17

Winged Spear+1, Hollow soldier shield

I defeated the tutorial boss quite easily, and after a couple of hours working out the Taurus demon sorted him too. I used summons to defeat the first belltower gargoyles but now am stuck.

I couldn't defeat the one legged demon beneath the blacksmith so ran past him. Lame I know but I was literally hitting him 10-12 times and he was still alive, two swipes and I die. So I'm in the garden and found a bonfire behind a crumbling wall at the moment. I've explored a bit, I either end up at a big snake with 20 heads and surrounded by crystal golems, end up near a silver knight who again I feel weak against and don't seem to do any damage. Any hints on what to do next?? My main concern is feeling too weak, I seem to have to do loads more damage to bring something down than anyone else mentions or youtube vids show.

I purposely avoided the skeleton key thing as I didn't want to go into areas that would kill me too quickly.

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You don't need to reroll. After you master the mechanics, learn movesets of weapon types, get to know just about everything in the world, you will be able to do this without levelling up.

- That big beast of a titanite demon by the blacksmith is an endurance fight that requires a lot of dodging, try to stay behind its back, circling counter-clockwise. Recommended to do at 25% or less weight capacity for the sake of speed, being able to dodge roll side to side helps a lot.
- The Hydra is something of an endurance test also, a good fight for learning rolling, dodging. A strong weapon knocks off individual heads quickly but some decent bow is recommended to finish it off.
- The knight is a brick wall for players, until they get used to swiping its attacks away and giving it a riposte in return. It's really tricky to do other ways at an early level of equipment.

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You should further explore Undead Burg. You should have collected some keys by now. I think the door you want is at the end of the Hellkite Wyvern Bridge, near Solaire.

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I wouldn't say you need to reroll. Dark Souls is a game mostly about skill and tactics - more so then proper builds and items, in my opinion. The one legged demon you mention CAN be defeated even if you're in shit gear, and even if you gain more levels or get better gear you will die very quickly if you get hit. Make sure to avoid it's attacks and if it is going to hit you, you better have enough stamina to block it. Seeing as it's not necessary to progress in the game I would say you did good in skipping it. You can still farm up souls and try at a higher soul level, as it will help you some. Make sure to get a lot ot VIT and END, it really is useful.

What you should do is to upgrade your weapon more. A spear is not a bad idea at all, they are quite easy to use and forgiving, seeing as you can attack from behind your shield (which is not ideal, but can be safe).

The Hydra you're talking about is basically about knowing the tactic and to be honest, I never figured it out on my own - I youtubed it and then proceeded to kill it on my first try. I am of the opinion that Dark Souls have a lot of those bosses though - extremely easy once you find out one thing you need to do, and if you don't, it's impossible. This is at least true for the Hydra - for me. Again, you do not need to kill it, and I would wait with it.

What I would do if I was you was to train on blocking and avoiding attacks on regular dudes, as well as learning to backstab and riposte. These are very useful skills, not necessarily for bosses perhaps (except the avoiding part), that make the game much more manageable. That way you can also get some souls so you can upgrade your gear, as you should have at least some titanite. Also note that regular or starting weapons can become very powerful if you just upgrade them. Your shield is a bit shit though. Try looking around the area sort of away from the Golems and the Hydra. Don't go up as there is a badass dude there, but do look around the general paths there. There is a very useful shield on a corpse around there that is certainly much better then what you have.

I suggest you skip the garden and just go straight to the Depths to continue progressing in the story. Look on the key you got from the Gargoyles for a hint.

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put your wellies on and farm farm farm for those precious souls . btw the snake boss is pretty easy to defeat ,kill of the golems one by one and for the boss run towards it going too the far right you will see some rocks that will give you cover and you can take your time attacking at it one head at a time.

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@mosespippy said:

You should further explore Undead Burg. You should have collected some keys by now. I think the door you want is at the end of the Hellkite Wyvern Bridge, near Solaire.


Advanced players can definitely make do with the area you're in at the moment, @cormack12, as @somejerk said - but if you find it tough, don't worry, you're actually pretty far ahead of where the next boss is.

You want to be heading to where the hellkite wyvern is (ie that bridge where the dragon breathes fire on you), but before getting onto it there's two doors. One leads back up to where you fought the Taurus demon (I think that's the left one?) and the other leads down into the sewers Depths.

The sewers depths is level appropriate to you.

Oh - and I'd recommend either upgrading your Winged Spear (you can get titanite drops from a bunch of the dudes in Undeadburg) or, personally, I'd just kill the Merchant in Undeadburg and get the awesome Uchigatana sword from him. It is a normally upgrading sword which scales very well with dex, so it'll end up doing much much more damage than any of the spears and even the Drakesword with little effort.

In fact, I think from memory the Uchigatana is amongst the top 5-10 best weapons in the game - mainly for Dex builds though.

Oh, and another thing to note is that Knight is actually pretty easy if you take off enough equipment to get under 25% load. Every single one of his attacks is dodgeable, and you can just wail on him when he leaves himself open. It'll take you a good long while but the ring he drops is, again, one of the best in the game for new players.

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upgrade your spear def. capra demon isn't very fun with spears but its how I did it the first time too.
make sure to unlock the shortcut to firelink before you fight him, makes the run back better

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That area of Darkroot Garden sounds too tough for where you are at the moment, I would go back to Undead Burg and find some other places to go. Have you killed the big dragon yet? I went through a whole lot of the rest of the world before I finished Darkroot Garden. The Ents make it seem as if it might be quite easy but the rest of it is quite tough.

Definitely explore Undead Burg some more - have you been down to the lower level yet?

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Thanks for all the useful info everyone! I had a little wander last night. It's a long way back that's for sure. I retreated last night and could only see the dragon guarding the castle, looking menacing. I got killed making my way down there so going to try and get to the depths that have been mentioned.

I don't seem to get many 'drops'. I don't think I've had a good one at all. Even 100% certs. Apparently the first Black Knight (that doesn't respawn) should have dropped a decent shield but I didn't get that. Do I have to stay in human form the entire game?

One last thing as well you helpful people - at bonfires, I generally see some translucent figure that looks like another player. They become solid but don't engage with me and then they fade. At first I thought I was being invaded but I was hollow and no=one has moved to attack me at these encounters........puzzling........

@leebmx - I haven't been 'down' anywhere. Basically my path was land at Firelink, go up to the right, find the merchant then proceed to the Taurus Demon. From there I went straight across the bridge with the dragon and down to the right where the iron boar was. Then did the gargoyles. Came out of that and went the only path that was obvious which was down to the one legged demon. Then basically got discouraged because everything seemed like it was too high level for me.
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@cormack12: The Black Knight's drops are very random. I've played through the game several times and I only saw it drop it anything worthwhile like a shield maybe once. Their shields aren't that great though. The Heater Shield you can buy from the Undead Merchant is arguably better.

Also, the phantoms you see near bonfires are nothing more than phantoms of other players. You can't interact with them and they can't interact with you.

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Find Andre, buy upgrades for your gear. Upgrading your gear will always be more useful than leveling up. Get your weapon(s) of choice to +5, and your armor all to +3 which you can do with just the shards you can buy off Andre.

Andre is the smith in the undead parish. If you gotta farm a bit to be able to afford the shards, go ahead. You'll notice a significant boost in power once you upgrade your gear.

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@cormack12: Your chance of getting item drops is affected by your Item Discovery stat. Its baseline is 100. Possessing Humanity (up to 10) is one of the few ways to increase it. Being in human form doesn't make any difference. Most enemies have no guaranteed item drops, only a chance to drop one or more items.

Those fleeting visions of other players are nothing more than that. You can't interact with them, but you can enjoy seeing what other players look like as they go about playing the game.

As for where to go, you've already followed the most normal path so far, so you're not in any place you really shouldn't be. I'd recommend next looking for a shortcut in the vicinity of the church where you fought the gargoyles, and then exploring around the other end of the dragon bridge for a possible new path.

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I think your problem is the weapon you are using, not so much your stats. Try getting the Drake sword (get under the bridge where the dragon is and shoot it's tail with arrows about 20+ hits, you can find guides online), or upgrade your weapon, and get a better shield. The same thing happened to me a bit later on the game. I had to get a better weapon and things went smooooothly after that (as smooth as they can go in a game like this).

Hope it helps

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Upgrade your weapon and shield to +5 and armor to +3. Grind souls/titanite shards int he Undead Parish until you can. Stats aren't as important as your equipment in Dark Souls. Also keep in mind that spears aren't going to ever do a ton of damage. They are turtle weapons, designed so you can defend and poke at the same time. If you like the reach of a spear, consider switching to the Halberd, found in the Undead Parish.

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"New player"

"Feel really weak"

You just need to play a lot more. Fuck around with the game, the crafting, everything. While you may have a good understanding of the mechanics, do you have a good understanding of the MECHANICS? Do you know how the stats work, what the different ratings for stats are on weapons, what types of immunity certain enemies have to certain affinities, what the diminishing return point for each stats after leveling it is, etc etc...

While you may understand the physical mechanics of the controller and the tells of some enemies, you still have a lot to learn. The Dark Souls wiki is a great place for information.

Safe travels and well met, sir.

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I realize this is an old topic, but I'd like to leave this for anyone who may come upon this in the future.

I think most players who weren't introduced to DaS through DeS felt like they were just pissing in the wind when it came to damage at first.

1. With STR or DEX below twenty, weapon scaling damage is usually quite paltry, so feeling weaker is to be expected. Look at all the weapons you pick up and see what their Scaling (below ParamBonus in the weapon's Stats) is graded at. Really early, you'll probably only have Grade C, but a little further in you'll find B and A, and very rarely, S scaling weapons. Try to find a weapon with a moveset you like as well as one with a good scaling grade. For instance, with high Dexterity, you'll probably want to go to Blighttown and find the Falchion as early as you are able. It has A grade scaling with Dex.

2. The Prowling/Titaninte Demon, which is that one-legged thing, is not required to progress, and there are quite a number of them in the game. Most people skip him the first few times. I usually don't fight him unless I have good ranged damage, or have high enough END to block his swings. He drops Demon Titanite, which unless you're using a Demon Weapon (which you won't have access to unless you either got lucky at the Asylum/Taurus/Capra or bought one from Shiva in Blighttown, or forging some boss weapons in Anor Londo) is totally worthless to you to even pick up. In fact unless you use a Demon weapon, the only real reason for you to kill it is for a few measly souls and so that he's not in your way between Darkroot and the blacksmith.

2. If it's your first playthrough you're better off just raising weapons to +10 and advancing them to Lightning damage or Fire damage aspect.

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What i did at first is i looked up all the weapons in the game and figured out what was required for the one i wanted to use. then i would get the stats for that and upgrade only the stats that would increase its damage, vitality, and endurance. Also dont forget to upgrade your weapons as often as possible and know that some weapons will do less damage but they will be lighter and hit faster.

edit: DO NOT QUIT. you will definitely get a feeling of wanting to stop playing dark souls at one time or another. I highly recommend to take a break and keep trudging forward. You wont regret it

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