Newbie question time! (new questions welcomed too!)

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Okay, I think I get the whole "Kindle" thing but if someone could break it down a little more for me that would be rad.

Also, after I did "kindle" (I think I did, I can't remember but I get 10 estus flask from only that bonfire now) I went to do it again in human form and was told I "cannot kindle further without the secret rite".

Just what in the hell is that?

Also, does anyone know where in in the Undead Burg (lower section, right after the boss fight there with the Capra Demon) where you find some NPC who helps you raise your spell level, etc for the Pyromancer?

Sorry about the vagueness in the questions, I''m in a hurry to type them because I'm in human form and just sitting around and last time I did this, my world was invaded. never again.

That's all, I appreciate any of the help anyone can give and if I have any more I surely will ask.

Also, if anyone needs any random basic stuff asked, this is a good place to do it as I know a bunch about the game (but clearly not everything).


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You use "Kindle" on one bonfire, only that bonfire will replenish your Estus Flasks up to 10 when you rest there. It is a permanent effect, so you don't need to use "Kindle" on it again unless you want the added effects of the "Secret Rite". 

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For the pyromancer trainer, you take the sewer entrance near the shortcut from Lower Undead Burg into Firelink. Once you're in the sewers, kill the enemies and go down a couple floors, if you look to the side you can jump down lower. Go down there, watch out for an ambush from a meat cleaver guy, and past where he jumped down there's a room with a bunch of pots. The guy will call out to you when you enter. Just go up and roll into the pot he's stuck in and he's free! He shows up in Firelink by where the bird dropped you off.
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Rad, thanks!

And what exactly are the effects of "secret rite"?

I found out that you can kindle any bonfire with the cost of just a humanity, but I'm not sure what this "secret rite" stuff is?

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The secret rite thing is mentioned on one of the loading screens. i think it lets you kindle a bonfire to 15?

Does anyone know if there are any weapons with better crit than the bandit's knife? Does it start you off as a thief with the best dex build weapon? Also backstabbing gives you more souls! I just noticed this last night!

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Where the heck is the Capra Demon? I feel like I've spent a lot of time in the Undead Burg/Parish and I just can't find him.

Also, I've killed the Moonlight butterfly guy and just got killed by a massive multiheaded-hydra-like thing. Where should I go now? (I feel very lost)

Edit: I found a place called the Valley of Drakes and it seems like I don't want to be there! The enemies don't want to die.

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@SuperWristBands: I had the same progression path as you. Where you wanna go is the bridge with the red dragon, there's a door there (by where that NPC who gives you the soul sign shows up after the Taurus Demon fight) that you should have the key to unlock by now. It goes to the area with the Capra and the way to the Depths.
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@SuperfluousMoniker: Cool. I just found him, and well. It went poorly. Got stun locked by him and his dogs, escaped with 10% health, ran up the stairs tried to heal but got massacred by the Capra Demon as I was drinking!

Edit: Happened again :(

Edit 2: Got him. After killing his dogs all I had to do was strafe around him, block an attack, attack, then hope that the camera doesn't get stuck behind a tree.

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