Next souls game, what do you want?

#1 Posted by Asinies (69 posts) -

Repeated topic, but a fun one! What would you like to be added in the next Souls game? What would you like to be fixed/removed from Dark Souls in the new game?

I have the weirdest feeling it's gonna be called "Dragon Souls" or something of the sort. Either way, here's what I personally want!

Forest levels are usually not done right. When I saw the first Skyrim trailer and the guy running through the forest, I got pumped as shit because I thought we'd finally get some spectacular forests for once. In the end, they weren't as dense nor populated as I'd wish, but they were still fine. That said, Dark Souls "Darkroot Garden" was really fucking cool. The forests were dark, dense, populated with tough enemies (As should be expected), and everything. So while everyone may hate me for suggesting this, I say we take it up to the next level. I want to see a Tomb of Giants-esque level set in a forest, with xbox-huge Redwoods towering above the player.

Anyways, what do you wish to see?

#2 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19832 posts) -

I want magic exclusive builds to be a valid PvP option.

#3 Edited by ExplodeMode (851 posts) -

I want less ways to completely mess up your game.  I don't mind difficult.  It's fun figuring out how to get past each specific spot.  What I really don't like is permanently ruining a playthrough because some guy was in the way of your attack or you joined the wrong covenant.  Get rid of that stuff and it would have been my favorite game this year.

#4 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

I want a longer game. And maybe a better way to interact with others. Make that time you HAVE other people with you more important.  
Better internet. Cant tell you how many people I saw lagging around and getting cheap kills. 

#5 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3475 posts) -

Yeah, maybe modify the network options a little. Try to mitigate the dreadful lag.

#6 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -

basically the same thing 
actually having a sequel to Demon's Souls as amazing as Dark Souls, is an amazing treat.

#7 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
@mylifeforAiur said:

Yeah, maybe modify the network options a little. Try to mitigate the dreadful lag.

That was my first PVP encounter. Guy was getting back stabs infront of me. So I yanked the cord. I have no pride lost for what I did. I am fully willing to die in a fair fight. But not cause someone has shitty net. 
#8 Posted by lockwoodx (2532 posts) -

I want a remake of Vagrant Story using the souls engine.

#9 Posted by dabe (302 posts) -

From Software should take 5-10 years figuring out how to improve/advance the combat & multiplayer mechanics. That is all I wish.

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Pretty much only looking for improvements on what DkS did wrong - namely the netcode. Everything else was fairly well balanced post-patch, so the only complaint I really have is the P2P and the lack of cool things for a few covenants to do.

@Buzzkill said:

I want a remake of Vagrant Story using the souls engine.

Fuck. Me.

That is exactly what I need. Right now.

#11 Posted by oasis789 (122 posts) -

More hardcore, even darker than ever. THat's what we need

#12 Posted by benjaebe (2870 posts) -

Just to expand on things they already started working on here. I'd like to see the Covenant idea more expanded upon than it was in Dark Souls. I'd also like them to not fuck up Faith stat scaling. Why are the only S-scaling Faith weapons bows?! WHY?!

#13 Posted by august (3941 posts) -

Souls' Souls.

#14 Posted by Tiwi (1423 posts) -

I want them to go lighter. I want to fight angels and gods and shit. Harder, Better ,Faster, Stronger

#15 Posted by Nux (2604 posts) -

A better multyplayer. I know its a hard game to put multiplayer in but still what they had was broken.

#16 Posted by StaticFalconar (4919 posts) -

Scale up the multiplayer part, make it almost a lawless MMO 

#17 Posted by AndyD74 (187 posts) -

I don't know how hard it would be, but I wish they could improve the targeting system. It pisses me off when I have an enemy targeted and as I start to attack it switches to a different enemy, so I miss and then get jacked up by the previously targeted enemy.

#18 Posted by Dawglet (318 posts) -

I want it to be named Satan's Souls.

#19 Posted by AndyD74 (187 posts) -

I would like it to be named Lost Souls.

#20 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -

I would like them to develop the story out just a little bit. Not too much, I think that would ruin some of the lonely feeling you get, but a little bit more would be nice.

I also think they need to make the locations more surreal and bat shit insane. Anor Londo and the Kiln of the First Flame are good examples of this.

#21 Posted by Gabriel (4131 posts) -

More Story.

#22 Posted by 71Ranchero (3274 posts) -

I would like an Arena of sorts that you could go too in game and fight others.

#23 Posted by MentalDisruption (1920 posts) -

More interesting looking magic. Most of the sorceries were just boring looking. I love playing mages, but so many hours of just shooting blue energy doesn't do much to generate excitement about being a mage.

#24 Posted by NyxFe (252 posts) -

I would like to see a return to the difficulty of Demon's Souls over that of Dark.

Additionally, I would love to see more "creepy" locations similar to the Tower of Latria, still unparalleled in games as far as I'm concerned.

And no more poisonous bogs that you have to slowly walk through, please.

#25 Posted by sopranosfan (1965 posts) -

I am sorry but I want a difficulty setting or the option to turn on checkpoints. Call me names or whatever but I don't enjoy running my head into a wall no matter how much somebody tells me it is fun. I have no problem with hard modes for the people that enjoy it but to say I have to play super hardcore mode all the time is just crazy.

#26 Posted by Icemael (6810 posts) -

Faster, more intense action, more advanced combat techniques, better targeting, a smooth framerate, and warping between all of the checkpoints (Demon's Souls allowed you to do that, but in Dark Souls there are only some bonfires you can warp to).

#27 Posted by Helimocopter (370 posts) -

All blighttown.

All of the time.

#28 Posted by tekmojo (2362 posts) -

Dungeon Master mode, dungeon builder, theater/youtube upload.

#29 Posted by mordukai (7837 posts) -

Dedicated servers.

#30 Posted by AnxiousTube (244 posts) -

I really love the setting and the Idea of this game buy I genuinely feel that this game would be a much more of a hit if it had difficulty options. A way to make the game easier. I'm sorry, I know this is a big thing to many of the people of the who like this game but some of the things that happen in both of the "Souls" games are just really BS. The game, in a way, needs to be more playable.

#31 Posted by JackSukeru (6227 posts) -

I really liked the style in Dark souls so much better than the previous game. Ragged robes, mossy trees and damp sewers, everything was just kinda dirty and far from the super clean armors and robes of other, older rpg's that have used the realistic medival style as an inspiration.

But if I could ask for anything to be fixed it would be things like in The Great Hollow, where there is a place when you're trying to go back up the branches and there's a tiny, tiny ledge in the path that you can just not walk up. You can't jump to get up there either. If you roll a bunch you'll get up eventually, but at the risk of rolling off the platform, it SUCKS!

There are a few of those places where it shouldn't be a problem for your character to just walk straight through, but there's sort of this invisible wall you have to get around. It's really dumb and I would like crappy jank like that to be absent.

Also it'd be cool if the game was more technically impressive; Discovering Ash Lake for the first time was awe inspiring, but the background could have looked so much better and could have had an even greater impact.

#32 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Damaged Souls.

#33 Posted by DarthOrange (4138 posts) -

More variety in the weapons, and maybe some improved bow controls. Also have it take place in Space.

Space Souls

#34 Posted by StrainedEyes (1358 posts) -

I think the open world they created in Dark Souls is amazing and one of the best, so definitely continue down the immense open-world road. Being able to walk from one end to the other of this twisted world is great.

I wouldn't mind if the PVP stuff was separated more. I get why it's there, and I know it's crazy to ask From to take it easy on me, but I really like the idea of summoning a co-op partner to help out in a section and it is the worst when I reverse hollow in hopes of finding some boss help but get invaded on my way. I can usually hold my own OK, but I still get plenty of guys who seem to warp around me and one-hit backstab me to sadness.

Overall, though, I just want them to expand on everything they did in Dark Souls. It's a fantastic game.

#35 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -

@RockmanBionics said:

But if I could ask for anything to be fixed it would be things like in The Great Hollow, where there is a place when you're trying to go back up the branches and there's a tiny, tiny ledge in the path that you can just not walk up. You can't jump to get up there either. If you roll a bunch you'll get up eventually, but at the risk of rolling off the platform, it SUCKS!

Oh god, I had wondered if I was the only one with that problem. That did suck. lol

#36 Posted by musclerider (634 posts) -

@Helimocopter said:

All blighttown.

All of the time.

All Tomb of the Giants.

All of the time.

#37 Edited by Three0neFive (2341 posts) -
@StaticFalconar said:

Scale up the multiplayer part, make it almost a lawless MMO 

So much this. It wouldn't even need to be that drastic a change, the framework is basically already there - just make the world bigger (and more open), add more unique weapons/armor/enemies, and expand upon the online functionality while also making it less of a chore.
#38 Posted by Soapy86 (2687 posts) -

Make it so that I can play in human form without getting raped by other players and immediately busted back down to hollow/ghost.

Every time I reverse hollow, literally like five minutes later someone invades and kills me. Every. Damn. Time. :[

#39 Posted by RoyCampbell (1092 posts) -

No saves, less health, and invisible enemies.

#40 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -
@Asinies: I think your thinking up dragon's dogma
#41 Posted by Soapy86 (2687 posts) -

Okay, having put some more thought into it, the most important thing I want is for them to take their time. I know these games are probably more successful than anyone could have imagined, but rushing them out is surefire way to burn everyone out on it. I want this series to become an "important" franchise for gaming. Sort of how Zelda and Final Fantasy used to be. When a new Souls game comes out, it should be a big deal.

#42 Posted by JackSukeru (6227 posts) -

@Soapy86: I agree. I wouldn't mind if they took a couple of years off, just to wet everyones apetite, and then came back with something huge.

#43 Edited by superpope (131 posts) -

It should come with a fist attachment that plugs into the controller and punches you in the nuts every time you take damage.

#44 Posted by HotSauceMagik (277 posts) -

I would love if they released Demons Souls on the 360 before taking some time away from the series. I loved dark souls so much that it damn near kills me to know that there is a similar game out there that I can't play because I have the wrong console.

Also, as far as improvements, I'd go with the connection issues. I'm not sure if I'm just in a bad spot, but I almost NEVER got invaded, and also never really saw summon signs which kinda bummed me out. I really loved the lack of information, but wouldn't mind if it was a little bit easier to convey messages to one another.

#45 Posted by DiegoBorin (7 posts) -

I want a boss that is GROSS. After the opening cutscene, I got really pumped into fighting Seath - I mean, dude, a scaleless dragon? Imagine that thing in a dark cave where you can barely see ahead, that pumping white skin, learned-to-live-without-the-sun-ish... And as it turns out it was in a crystal cave, and nothing that was scary and awesome about him in the cutscenes was explored. Even graphically he wasn't as gross and bizarre.

So all I really want about the third Souls is that they can explore better the character design of guys like Seath, and Fatboy and Slim, and also the level design would take advantage on being even darker.

#46 Posted by Rayeth (1132 posts) -

I think that the people saying they need to take some time are right.

This is not a yearly franchise in my mind, regardless of how many copies it sold. Keep it every couple years and everything will be much better.

#47 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1283 posts) -

A little more randomization to loot or new gear appearing in NG+, and NG++

#48 Posted by ImHungry (398 posts) -

@DarthOrange said:

Space Souls


Alternatively, Nolan's Souls

#49 Posted by JackG100 (427 posts) -
@Buzzkill said:

I want a remake of Vagrant Story using the souls engine.

Man...   Leá Monde in Dark souls engine would so incredibly cool.... 

#50 Posted by Commisar123 (1861 posts) -

A solid framerate would be a good start, but otherwise I would like them to redo the combat system and controls, not a popular opinion, so I didn't feel like I was getting fucked over so much.

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