Now Live Streaming Dark Souls PC Edition - Come, Watch, Chat

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Hello fellow bombers, I just wanted to post to say I am now live streaming Dark Souls: Prepare to Die [PC edition]! I am starting from the beginning now, fresh as can be Anyone interested please swing by and watch, and join the chat. I played the original on 360, so I am really looking forward to making it to the new content. We have a great time playing and interacting with the chat. :) Any questions? Feel free to ask in the chat and i’ll be glad to answer or if you like you can post a question here in this thread too. Check it out at...

CURRENTLY OFFLINE - be back later (twitchtv live stream w/ no ads)

I wanna give a BIG thank you to the GB community, streaming the original game over the last year as been a blast. The people in chat have really made this a fun experience, and I think a lot of that was due to this community. Met quite a few cool people from here, MakeMeMad, Cronus, Mcshank, Pineapple, Phantasm, to name a few. Thanks to all those that have stopped by and watched/chatted, I really appreciate it.

The original Dark Souls Live Stream thread.

I will update this thread, has I go on and offline.

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67 deaths. Callin' it. Enjoy beating the Tomb of Giants again, Empty!

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