Oh god..... this game is going to kill me

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Sup Duders,

Bought this on a whim a couple weeks ago thinking "Hey, I havnt played a hard game in quite a while, this should be fun"

Finally made it to the Taurus Demon and and just getting my ass handed to me repeatedly. I end up putting it down due to frustration, but I keep coming back.


Anyone else felt this way? Does it get easier the more you play, or am i going to go insane?

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It gets easier the more you understand how it needs to be played. Watch some of the videos of it here on the website. Ryan played some decently during the welcome back tricaster marathon, and Rorie played well during the quicklook or whatever it was. Pay attention to what they do, listen to the advice (except from Patrick), and try their methods. Then develop your own as you continue through that hell and meet new enemies.

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I actually thought Dark Souls was easier then Demons Souls. Mind you I've also finished Demons Souls twice. But you want a tip on Taurus Demon?

Try firebombs. You should be able to finish it in less then a minute.Try firebombs.

In slightly unrelated news, here's a good article on the grinding in Dark Souls and why it's not a bad thing. It more or less encapsulates why they are the way they are and why people enjoy it.

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If you need tips just let me know. Im lvl 146 and I am on my second run of the game.

The Taurus Demon can be easily killed in 3 hits. Just do the following:

1- Kill both archers atop the tower.

2- Run until the Taurus Demon jumps to the bridge

3-Turn back, and go straight to the stairs next to the door

4-Climb the stairs.

5- The Taurus Demon will stay below for a few seconds. Just leap and press attack while falling to perform a plunging attack. This will do 1/3 of his life in just one hit.

6- Once on the floor, roll out of his attack range, and run away from where you are.

7- Wait for him to get away of the stairs (try to lure him) then dodge and repeat steps 3-6.

Do this 3 times and he should be dead. You may need to hit him once though. And voila its a piece of cake boss ;)

Just be carefull of the area after this.

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Know the feeling.  Total love hate relationship, lolly.
Stairs + fire equals dead Capra, btw.
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Low and slow baby. That's how you love it.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I'm running with a Pyromancer, using a Heater Shield and Spear I got from the merchant. I get the drop on him, but after that I'm usually thrown into the wall and the camera starts getting confused, and then the demon beats me to death before I can roll away.

Also, as far as grinding is concerned, what should I be focused on increasing?

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There must be a DS support group somewhere...DS Anonymous?

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Click in the right stick to lock on!!!!

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@Owlhead said:

Thanks for the tips guys. I'm running with a Pyromancer, using a Heater Shield and Spear I got from the merchant. I get the drop on him, but after that I'm usually thrown into the wall and the camera starts getting confused, and then the demon beats me to death before I can roll away.

Also, as far as grinding is concerned, what should I be focused on increasing?

Endurance, and Vitality are key stats, but more so Endurance. The strength of your fire spells is only dependent on the level of your fire glove, and you upgrade it through an NPC you should meet fairly soon after you beat the Capra Demon.

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It's gets easier once you figure out the nuances of the AI and the level design. Dark Souls is a harsh mistress, but if you keep patient and treat her well, she'll make the gruelling endeavour all the more gratifying.

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Also, it is weak against electricity. I believe you can purchase a electricity enchantment for your weapon from the first merchant. If not, I am not sure who drops them, but I know I had 2 when I met the demon. I have also noticed that with larger bosses some times it is better to stay close and dodge then peck away from a distance. Just keep an eye on your endurance.

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If Taurus Demon is causing touble, then wait till you fight Capra Demon. He will kill you till you're dead.

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To get the consumable electricity buff item for your weapon (Pine Resin):

You have to buy the Residence Key (or have started with the Master Key as your gift), and open the last house before the stairs toward the boss, which has a chest outside in back containing 3 Pine Resin.

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Have the Pine Resin already as teh Master Key stood out to me as the only way to go. I know I accidentally used one (oh THATS what the sap does...) but i might have one more.

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Well Duders, I beat the Taurus Demon. Thanks for the advice everyone

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I played this for an hour last night and immediately gave up. Sent it back in the mail. Too much of an emotional and time commitment, especially after Skyrim. I need Saints Row BAD. Or some other super short pallet cleanser.

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@morrelloman: Mr. Morerelloman, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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@HotSauceMagik: I dunno man. Seemed appropriate to me. Just thought I'd float it out there that this game still isn't for everyone. Thanks for the generic hate.

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Ah you didn't get the quote... Its from the Movie Billy Madison.

Didn't mean it in earnest. I do think you should give it another shot though. The combat mechanics alone make it miles above Skyrim. It is a bit bleak though, i'll give you that. The only emotion I felt while playing it was/is rage when i can't get past something, but as many have said, you can only blame yourself.

I guess what I'm trying to say is its my GOTY 2011 and I want you to give it another shot at somepoint.

Hugs and kisses,


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As noted in the QL, I kinda like how everyone i've met in game is just completely exhausted and greets you with an "Oh.... hey..... hows it goin?"

That being said, it'll be nice when christmas shows up and i'll be able to take a break from it.

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The game wont kill you, it will make you kill yourself.

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Only thing I REALLY hate about dark souls is getting cursed. That stuff's just plain unfair.

Other than that I pretty much love everything about it. Just remember to go slow, keep you shield up and check the corners.

Also, read the wiki. The game does a terrible job of explaining the systems that are in there.

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