Oh wow. So that's what "Poise" does. So great!

#1 Posted by mason (260 posts) -

I just started experimenting with making my nimble but strong bandit wear much heavier armor along with the wolf ring and greatshield. All of these things raised my poise from 0 to 100. There's also the benefit of having a great stability rating that goes hand-in-hand.

I had a vague idea of what being a tank felt like, but it's better than I imagined. It's like I'm playing a completely different game.

I never flinch and my animations are rarely interrupted by quick attacks. I can just wade for multiple hits, without worrying much about stun locking. Even heavy enemies actually get stunned bouncing off of my shield, which leaves huge openings. My guard never breaks and I'm rarely knocked down.

Some of this is because of high stability rating and good endurance stas obviously, but it's really poise that makes the whole thing gel together. It makes up for being slow by being completely unflinching.

I went from a character who would weave in and out of attacks to avoid damage, to one that just takes it full in the face and laughs (my vitality isn't even that high). It's a different experience to just walk up to anyone, even giant enemies with no fear. It's like controlling a boss monster. I like it.

Just saying, I'm a fan of this addition to the game.

#2 Posted by Tesla (1923 posts) -

I've created a few different characters trying to find the class I like the most, and the knight has been my favorite so far because of how useful poise has been. Combine that with a high vitality and I've stopped using shields for the most part. I either have both hands on my sword, or use the off hand to cast miracles.

#3 Posted by psylah (2177 posts) -

This is good to know.

#4 Posted by benjaebe (2783 posts) -

That wolf ring is awesome. With my stone armor and that wolf ring I'm pretty much just wading through enemies without getting stunlocked at all.

#5 Posted by Jeffsekai (7032 posts) -

That's why you get Havals Armor.

#6 Posted by mason (260 posts) -

It's just too bad. Such a badass statistic called Poise, just makes me think of those pads for ladies with lazy bladders.

#7 Posted by TheHT (11262 posts) -

Yeah, I turned my Wanderer into a heavy armor dude. But once I get that ninja ring I'm taking it all off and going acrobat.

#8 Posted by Tennmuerti (8102 posts) -

I tried it for a while but didn't like it.
Yes you don't flinch but you still take damage if you are just chaining swings through their attacks and not mitigating them 100% with a shield. Which eventually wears your hp down more and more as you go through an area.
Plus moving from A to B also take way longer.
Now versus bosses that's another matter.

#9 Posted by supaman900s (186 posts) -
@mason said:

I just started experimenting... I ... takes it full in the face and laughs... It's a different experience...

lol this is all i read from your post.
#10 Posted by ImperiousRix (2963 posts) -

Wow, had no idea what Poise did. Good to know.

Though I think I'm going to keep my Bandit a nimble bruiser. Maybe will experiment with heavy armor at some point.

#11 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

I am definitely going to build a character like this on my second run through. I love how diverse characters can be in this game.

#12 Posted by StrikeALight (1114 posts) -

Just picked up Havel's ring. Makes close quarters (particularly in tight spots) much more bareable.

#13 Posted by mason (260 posts) -

@Tennmuerti: I can understand not liking it. You have to be a lot more deliberate with your movements and really anticipate. But it's not like I willingly take damage either. I almost always keep my guard up. It's just nice that if I miss my timing the enemies won't interrupt my attack animation with puny sword strike. If I end up sacrificing 10% of my health to deal massive damage, then it's a good trade off.

It's also useful for getting my shield up quick when I'm caught in a multi-hit combo. Otherwise I'd just stagger around taking 3 or 4 hits instead of just one. The Capra Demon fight really taught me how getting staggered can make or break a fight. Man, I wish I had high poise for that one.

#14 Posted by Rayeth (1043 posts) -

The Wolf Ring (I think that's the one) is a great way for less STR oriented characters to get a bunch of Poise. I think its 40 for the ring alone.

Good stuff.

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