Okay, so this was a thing

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I was doing rounds in the Depths, helping people out get to the Gaping Dragon and killing it. Thought I'd be a friendly sunbro, since I joined the Warriors of Sunlight covenant, to help me out in the same way so I could get coins to build up my standing and get the Great Lightning Spear.

I believe I was summoned in by either someone who had farmed for the Dark Hand, or a Darkwraith (Affectionately called Dickwraiths), he had used the special technique to begin draining my Humanity. I assumed that this was legit, as you can drain the neutral.friendly NPCs around Lordran and still gain humanity. However, I've heard around and have been told that you cannot do this to phantoms you summon in. ( Still skeptical of this at this point ) However, in combination of this, he somehow killed me through inflicting full Curse status on me, and infected me with the viral parasite. (Character left behind a curse statue in the bonfire room that you open with the master key, after the hallway of 6 slimes and two Torch Hollows, as well as scratching her head, then helmet burst after a few minutes, showing that I, indeed, had been infected by this Darkwraith. Also held the Xanthous set, as he had the humorously large headpiece from that set. Which means he either got it from the Painted world, or had a friend drop it for him. I was level 30 when he summoned me in, so he had to have been either higher or lower than me to do so in the +/- 10 soul level range. )

Anyone have a magical explanation to this? I'm very curious as to how this person summoned me in, then just pulled what I can assume to be one of the biggest dick moves in the early game.

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How dare anyone enjoy Dark Souls. The community won't have it.

Seriously. Once they can't invade new people anymore to get their rocks off, people will do all sorts of stupid stuff like that.

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@49th: That one.

The Dark Hand can indeed drain humanity from players and you can get the Xanthous set at SL1 if you hate yourself enough. However the insta full curse plus parasite is a common hack move. So yeah he was cheating for some of that.

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@slaegar: Well that burns my ass quite a bit. I thank you very much for the information..nice to know I got insta-gibbed by a hacking dickwraith. PC DS ftw... ;~;

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